Liars and Drones and Spies, Oh My…

The FAA has been ordered by the Obama administration to rapidly make changes to accommodate greatly expanded use of drones by both public and private entities.  What does this mean for our safety, security, and privacy?

Drones Will Be Everywhere

If you look at the examples, then we don’t have to wait for the new regulations to be promulgated…the abuse of drone technology in America has already begun.  At least 39 applications for “Experimental” permits for drone operations have been issued.

The city of Houston, TX, is a good example of the attitude municipal and state authorities are taking towards the “benefits” of employing drones and other advanced technologies to further the police state without regard to the rights of the citizens they are employed to protect.  Their lack of transparency and downright obfuscation regarding the use of drones and other profoundly invasive technologies is a hallmark of the police-state mentality, and will only become more extreme.

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