Like Father, Like Daughter: the Good Parent

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While the story of Malia Obama smoking marijuana is old, the statement of Michelle Obama concerning her belief that Barack Obama was the good parent is not. Comparing Barack Obama to Donald Trump is an exercise that people should consider.

  1. Donald Trump has never drank alcohol in his life. Obama has admitted to smoking marijuana and has been known to “sit down for a few beers”.
  2. Donald Trump has no homosexual tendencies.
  3. The intelligence and experience of Donald Trump are vastly superior to Obama.
  4. Charm, grace, beauty and intelligence only apply to Donald Trump’s wife.
  5. Personal financial success was built by Donald Trump; Barack Obama was given workfare positions.

The accomplishments of Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama are staggering. As for who is the good parent: compare Ivanka vs. Malia.

But let’s consider the real points of this article:

  1. America does not elect a parent for their President. We do not need to be told how to act or think by a Socialist “transformer”. We elect a President to lead the nation and keep the country secure. To imply that we are children who must listen to the Obamas for guidance is arrogant and disgusting.
  2. Obama’s legacy is being quickly dismantled as is his place in history. As the truth unfolds, he will be fortunate to evade prison.

I hope that America never forgets that the office of the President should be earned. It should never be “given” based on glib rhetoric, social engineering promises, race or election fraud.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. Doug says:

    Compare Melania vs Moochelle vs Killary vs…..

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