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The Next American Civil War Is Coming – The International Chronicles

While we are all focused on the 2020 Presidential election and the new “surge” in COVID-19 cases, let’s step back and consider:

  1. The 73 (or 84 million) people who voted for President Trump’s reelection are the people who make America Great. Our jobs create necessary products and services. We are NOT the tyrants, welfare recipients and workfare government workers who want to replace the Constitution with Communism. We will NEVER accept a Biden Presidency.
  2. Regardless of the social media collusion against our election results, the AP does not tell us who wins elections. Adding a disclaimer that may impact a judge’s decision or ballot certification is illegally influencing the election.
  3. According to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris is illegally giving him (a regular citizen) classified intelligence briefings. This is a federal crime. Joe Biden is not president-elect until the electoral college or Congress votes.
  4. Democrat governors are issuing illegal directives to force COVID-19 isolation quarantines across the country. If they are trying to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas now, what will they do if the Deep State controlled the country?
  5. If civil war is coming, are you prepared mentally, physically and provisionally to endure it?

What is the pulse of the country? Reading a blog post may make you feel like you are not alone but nothing is more important than how your community will act in the future. To that end, I have been listening and engaging in conversations within my local area to gauge their reaction to the election and their future plans. I refer you back to item 1 above but I encourage you to start talking to your neighbors so you have someone supporting your back when the civil war breaks out.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to Look at the Other Hands in Play

  1. bob says:

    Here my 70year old view, with 50 of them years spent trying to wake people up to the evil that now ready to consume us. 90-95%of the people will accept any form of government just to stay alive.All the people who don’t have a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will fold like a cheap accordion. About half or more of the people who claim to be Christian will accept the Satanic government. Remember many are Called, few are Chosen. Not everyone who says Lord,Lord, shall enter into God’s Kingdom.My prayers are for the servants of God,now is the time to seek God’s Word and Will,prepare yourself for what is upon us,it not coming,it’s HERE.

    • Brewer55 says:

      Bob, I’m about 5 years your junior and I hear you loud and clear. I believe what you say to be true. I only hope that my scattered adult children can get here to my homestead before they are locked down where they are.

  2. Andy says:

    1. Right you are. We will NEVER accept a fraudulent Biden presidency, stolen from us. Not today, not ever.
    2. Ditto
    3. Kanala Harris is a communist, and is trying to subvert the election and our nation. That is treason.
    4. Anything they want, and whatever it takes to gain and retain total control. They are very dangerous… do not underestimate their power or their will to do this, or suffer the fate of so many other nations throughout history.
    5. Mentally, I hope. Physically? That’s very, very questionable. Provisionally? Who knows… all depends on how long it goes, and if we survive the tyranny that WILL come if Trump, and thus the American people, do not prevail.

    I honestly believe that most of us are cautiously optimistic. Some, based on posts, are not, and they have every reason to feel that way, because we have been betrayed at nearly every opportunity by the demoncrats AND the republicans. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we (Americans) have allowed ourselves to vecome enslaved by debt, which is just another form of slavery and control. The fear of losing one’s home or job can be a very powerful deterrent to speaking out, or making the really tough decisions.

    There are probably only about 3% of us, nationwide, who would actually do whatever is necessary to secure our freedom. 97% will not. 3% is all we’ll need, but having greater numbers would definitely be a bonus.

  3. Brewer55 says:

    David, first, I want to thank you for your site and your comments. They are well thought out and, most of the time, I could not agree more.
    As someone who woke up about 12-13 years ago, and who has been preparing for that time (off and on) and, who moved to a rural area 7 years ago for the very reasons you outline, one of the biggest issues I have encountered is meeting like-minded, morally correct (mostly Christians) type people. The ones that see what is coming are too much about the “security aspect of it”. I whole heartedly believe in that aspect but, it is but one tool in the overall toolkit. Too many are waiting until the SHTF before they do anything.

  4. Gryphon says:

    As long as the Lights are On, and Food is wrapped in Plastic at the Grocery Store, nobody is going to “Fight” (myself included). Until there is some Systemic Crisis (NOT something like the Scamdemic) that forces the ‘government’ to become Overtly Violent -- Mandatory ‘vaccines’, Travel Restrictions enforced by ‘internal passports’ and Roadblocks, or Infrastructure Degradation, Food Shortages, etc. There actually is NO arguable need for “Immediate Violent Rebellion” as many are advocating.

    What I DON’T See is effective ‘rebellion’ in ways that are non-violent, but intensely Frightening to the (((bolsheviks))) now in ‘control’. Too Many Sheeple wearing Face Diapers, too many Businesses obeying ‘regulations’ that have No basis in Law, (closures of small businesses and not Corporate ‘businesses’ is the big one, IMO)

    All that, and the Majority still carry a government-accessible ‘Spy Phone’ AND PAY FOR IT.

  5. Charley Waite says:

    If the Civil War was coming, brother it should have started already.

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