Lorraine Meltz: Putting Up with Dr. Eichenbaum

The following video occurred after the Cherokee County Commissioners’ meeting on June 18, 2012. Lorraine Meltz explains to Mark Meadows how she had to put up with Mr. (not Dr.) Eichenbaum for 1-1/2 hours detailing why the county should not pay $18,000 next year for Agenda 21. Commissioner Jordan made a motion to defund this item in next year’s budget but neither Lorraine Meltz or David Wood would second the motion which would have put them on the record for funding Agenda 21.

Meltz had previously falsely accused me of being delinquent for 2011 property taxes after posting an article from a previous meeting:

Commissioner Meltz Tuesday, February 28, 2012 4:38 PM

“now would you like to tell how could make all the comments you made when you have not paid your 2011 taxes that are now deliquent. If you feel you can throw stones make sure your back yard is clean”

Commissioner Meltz Tuesday, Tuesday, February 28, 2012 5:03 PM

“your tax bill is overdue. Will anyone suffer if businesses do not pay their fair share? NO, was your answer, if people do not pay there fair share of the taxes everyone suffers, how can the county pay their responsibilities with out tax revenues? if you have a solution for that then we would all like to hear that.”

Even though I explained that we had paid all of our taxes, she still had the county send me an overdue tax notice from Cherokee County’s Tax Assessors Office. Funny thing was that the tax office did not send it: she had an employee in another department send it. The county tax office explained that we paid our taxes on time but that they switched to a new system on December 15, 2011. It appears that when a county commissioner abuses her authority, she does not even know enough to use the latest information available.

Lorraine M. Meltz, Chairperson (District 2) – Republican
Office: 828-837-5527
Fax: 828-837-9684

David DeGerolamo

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11 Responses to Lorraine Meltz: Putting Up with Dr. Eichenbaum

  1. randysright says:

    Who’s electing these Moonbats into office??

    • ALRUI says:

      Id like to know the same thing! For the love of God please make sure this woman DOES NOT get re-elected!

  2. wncpatriot says:

    I attended the commission budget meeting last night and was shocked at Commissioner Meltz’s utter disregard and disdain for her employers -- the citizens of Cherokee County. Meltz shut down the public forum leaving many without an opportunity to have their voices heard, and she ignored requests by her employers to explain her reasons for supporting the Southwestern Commission. Meltz is completely ignorant and refuses to educate herself on this issue.

    Meltz said Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, who has fought for private property rights and freedom for years, was grandstanding and ruined everything! This woman has no interest in protecting private property rights and is one of the poorest examples of a local public servant I have ever seen . . . Metlz is clearly a progressive in conservative’s clothing who pulled the wool over the voters of Cherokee County in 2010. We must work hard to fire Meltz in 2014 and replace her.

    • Rick Mills says:

      I was there, I supported Meltz when she ran, and spoke to her husband at the meeting. He said she does not care what I or anyone else thinks about her because she is going to be too old to run for re-election. So unless there’s a way to recall her, she will do what she pleases for over another two years, and does not have anyone to answer to.

  3. randysright says:

    I would suggest that y’all request Dr Dan to run for County Commissioner next election and work on getting these folks voted out of office. It’s what we did here in Chatham County and now have 3 conservatives elected on the BoC. It took a community effort, but was well worth the time and patience to get the other 3 commissioners booted out of office. We now have the majority vote in all county decisions. The best advice I can give you, is next election have conservatives run together as a team to replace the other Moonbat Commissioners that may be up for re-election. Conservatives running as a team also are easier to campaign with. It’s how we did it in Chatham in one election cycle.

  4. concerned citizen says:

    The thing is, the two Republican commissioners who ignored the threat posed by this local arm of Agenda 21 implementation campaigned on conservative principles of private property rights and limited government. Neither were willing to open their ears and hear the truth. Instead they are exchanging the carrots dangled by a third party Regional Council of Government for limitations and restrictions on private property rights. Please vote YES in this online poll to support property rights in Cherokee County http://www.cherokeescout.com!

  5. Pat says:

    The arrogance of Meltz and the ignorance of Wood were striking. I was also left with the thought that this gig (being a county commissioner) is not the same as it used to be, now that the people are paying attention. It’s a whole new ball game, and some of them obviously don’t care for it! Well done, Dr. Dan!

  6. Geno & Sherry Sulpizio says:

    We did get sucked in by commisioner Meltz. Progressives always lie to get elected. She must be a progressive and the other two commisioners are no better. NO Guts!!
    Dr. Dan for commisioner in 14.

  7. Carolyn Franklin says:

    Seems we all agree! Mrs. Meltz should look for another avenue for her income. A Public Servant is not what she is.

  8. Greg Oldziej says:

    Maybe if we ask him really nice Dr. Dan may consider office in our county goverment level. Let’s face it, we all would benefit from someone like him. Great common sense.
    Great with people, smart, and wouldn’t need any special $$$ from sources within the county govt. (you all know what I mean, not on the take).

  9. Mark E. Smith says:

    This ain’t goin’ to be easy. The people we are up against are nasty and either ignorant or communist… there I said it. And they’ve had 100 years to infiltrate, de-educate, and confuse the general American public. Our government has been infiltrated since the 1920’s (and probably before) on a Federal level and it has filtered down to the Local level today in 2012. Agenda 21 is the crown jewel of the world communist movement; a movement that has insidiously made it’s way into our lives through our own government. Find out who they are and get rid of them with your vote… and find out who they are not and vote them in. Spend some time and investigate. The communists are counting on your not doing that.

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