Madonna Is Just Who They Are – T.L. Davis

Sometimes, exposing the ignorance and hypocrisy of the left to the uninformed middle (who still vote) is a daunting task. Most of the coverage of your comments are likely to be limited to those who already know the subject matter and have their own personal stories to back up their claims. Those in the middle who swing elections remain isolated to TV news programs and slanted newspaper stories which disguise the radical left as the middle ground of political thought.

Rarely is a gift of illumination given to the right such as was offered up by Madonna, who proudly proclaimed Barack Obama as a black, Muslim president and in the next breath gets a rousing applause for the statement that he supports homosexual rights.

For the Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) crowd, it is an absolute impossibility to support Islamic law and support homosexual rights. One look at the Civil Rights abuses should tell anyone everything they need to know about Sharia and the method of justice it recommends. Mere girls are killed for the clothes they wear, or the jobs they hold, or the boys they date. They are not “grounded,” they do not have their cell phones taken away, or go without dinner, they are killed. They are stoned, run over by cars driven by their parents, beaten to death by their fathers or brothers, etc.


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