Magnetic Magic Magazine Manipulation


I have struggled for a long time to find an ideal magazine carrier for a reload. Even though my 19 holds 15+1, the need for another magazine is still apparent. We never know what we will face or when, if I did I wouldn’t be there.

I have tried all manner of factory and custom carriers with “meh” results. Vertical and horizontal, leather to kydex…none was really “the one”.

I found NeoMag by accident. It is perfect for me. It is unobtrusive and instantly available all at once. I admit, if you wear tight skinny jeans, it might not work for you, I wear normal full grown man jeans and it works like Ex-Lax and Taco Bell on the same night. Slick and fast.

This is me, my own NeoMag below with a full metal lined Glock factory mag. No sorry, it will not work with Pmags or Korean mags or any other that isn’t steel lined for Glock. All steel mags like for 1911s will be fine.

The owner sent me a sticker and a personalized thank you note, hand written. He is a great guy who has invented a great product that honestly works. I hope you support him as I did and put one to use. You are carrying every day….aren’t you?

Don’t be the guy on the sticker, carry a reload. The most likely SHTF scenario we face is an attack by a mugger or similar. Be ready in case it goes south. We all like to think we are one shot wonders but statistics and AARs show otherwise.

Tick. Tock.

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4 Responses to Magnetic Magic Magazine Manipulation

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Please check your link to NeoMag. When you click on it a fashion site pops up.

    Weird. It seems to have some of the verbage in Latin…..

    • lawless says:

      Fixed and thanks. Not sure how that happened.

      • David says:

        There is malware on the site that we have been trying to eliminate. I have another ticket open for Epik since the current malware program is not working.

  2. 173dVietVet says:

    I found this link, which is the correct link:

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