Mainstream Media’s Psy-Op on the coming Food Shortages

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3 Responses to Mainstream Media’s Psy-Op on the coming Food Shortages

  1. Gryphon says:

    There are/will not be ‘food shortages’ where food is Produced, i.e., ‘Flyover Country’. It is the Cities where food cannot be produced, and can be easily Interdicted’ that the effects of politically motivated, manufactured ‘Famine’ will have an effect. Other than the possibility of Zombies wandering out of the cities, I have no real Concern over if the people who “Voted For” their communist masters.

  2. GenEarly says:

    Nothing wrong with being as self reliant as possible. If you can’t grow crops or have livestock then STOCKPILE to the rafters.
    Ammo is already almost gone, critical shortages; Food is next.
    The failure of the supply chain from a multitude of possible causes will render Most into a frenetic state of panic.
    Why so many sheeples believe the NWO Globalist Corporate -Banksters care for their welfare is beyond me.
    Tyrants Don’t Care!!!

  3. Linda S Fox says:

    My sister bought that ‘dry-fire’ laser setup for her guns. That should go a long way to keeping her skills sharp, while saving on ammo.
    As far as my house (and, for that matter, my kids) -- we have freezers and full pantries. Given that power is sometimes iffy where I live, we also have a generator and fuel. We should be good.
    The ones that will be pitiful will be the old people in the cities. Many have little in food storage, no access to auxiliary power, and no way to leave. They’ll be sitting ducks for the 2-legged vermin that will steal everything in sight.

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