Maintain the Generator

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Don’t be let down when the power goes out! Make sure your generators are ready to go! A little inspection and maintenance goes a long way!

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3 Responses to Maintain the Generator

  1. Jim says:

    I have gotten rid of central heat and air, Went with radient propane heaters and window units which relates to 53% savings on elect. and 73% on gas. This relates to smaller gen set. I have 2 7500 watt deisel units which run 12 hours on 3 gal. of fuel. I start and run under load every 2 weeks and change oil often. I have a manual transfer switch so when I put units on line I can check for fuel leaks etc. Also I can let unit warm up before I put on load which extends the life of the unit. Thanks

  2. Fed Up says:

    I too believe in making sure the generator is in good working order. God willing we won’t have to use it but……. I have an 8 K propane generator with a 500 gal tank of propane filled to 80%. We lost power for 20 days and burned 150 galons running the generator 10 to 12 hours a day. I have a 220 well pump. I keep my elect hot water heater off till I need it. I cook on BBQ grill or propane camp stove. I heat with wood. I wouldn’t have a gasoline generator. When the elect is out so is the gas station. I run the generator every 2 weeks for 10 min to test it. I maintain it as if I had to use it at any moment because I may have to use it at any moment.
    Any one that isn’t concience about their generator may get a big surprise when they need it.

  3. Jim says:

    As my post above The best way to go as works for me. I installed a 125 gal tank in wash house and a batt. RV on demand pump which feeds the house with watter and it takes about 12 mins. to fill tand and if you only run gen set for 30 or 40 mins to cycle freezers and refref. you can make that fuel last 6 months or more. Just a thought. Jim

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