Manila bans its workers from Yemen after deadly attack


Honor guards carry the coffins of victims of last Thursday’s attack on the Defense Ministry during a funeral procession in Sanaa on Monday. (Reuters/Khaled Abdullah)

First Saudi Arabia, now Yemen. Why are legal/illegal aliens becoming the focus of attacks in the Middle East now?

David DeGerolamo


The Philippines has banned its workers from Yemen after an attack by militants there killed more than 50 people, including seven Filipinos.

Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez announced the decision on Monday.

According to government guidelines, Filipino nations are not allowed to seek employment in Yemen while 1,500 to 2,000 of those already working in the country can choose to return home at government expense.

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack, saying it was retaliation for US drone strikes that have killed dozens of the terror network’s leaders.

The seven Filipinos killed included a doctor and nurses. Eleven other were injured. They were among 40 Filipinos working in the hospital inside Yemen’s military headquarters.

About 10 million Filipinos work overseas, mostly in the Middle East.


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