If the Coronavirus in China wasn’t scary enough, now it gets a new, politically correct name to avoid racism towards China. The new name – “Covid 19,” is apparently less racist against Asians…somehow. So that’s what we’re rolling with now.

The media usually blows up “pandemic” stories, but it seems it’s been less so this time. Should that make us scared? If that doesn’t, maybe these facts will:

*China says normal surgical masks won’t work, we need heavier ones

*It spreads through eye contact and pipes (like in apartments)

*Lives for 9 days on surfaces

*You can get it more than once

*Chinese are using drones for quarantine now

*Could spread to 60% of world according to The Guardian

*Sky News says “greater global threat than terrorism”

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  1. a follower says:

    Could not find anything on the definition of Covid, but 19?. i have looked that one up before.
    Strong’s Concordance
    ibchah: slaughter
    Original Word: אִבְחָה
    Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
    Transliteration: ibchah
    Phonetic Spelling: (ib-khaw’)
    Definition: slaughter

  2. Gryphon says:

    The Doctor’s ‘surgical mask’ is to prevent the wearer from breathing moisture, carrying germs, onto the Patient. Nothing more. A RESPIRATOR is a device that Seals to the Face of the Wearer and has Filters appropriate to the Hazardous materials being used. For most Chemicals, a Mask that covers the entire Face and Eyes is essential; for Biologic Agents, a Liquid-Tight, full-body Coverall must be Worn. Once Exposed to a Biologic Agent, getting Out of that Protective Gear takes a dedicated Decontamination Shower, and at least One Other Person in full Protective Gear so both can Wash Down each other. Then, the used Protective Gear must be Cleaned again before it is re-used. Filter Cartridges for Respirators have a limited useful life, depending on what they are used for. Biologic Agents generally require the Cartridge be Disposed of at the end of the Decontamination Process.

    As a Jet Mechanic, I have frequently used Paint, Adhesives, Thermal Coatings and ‘stuff’ that is so Toxic that you have to be wearing Protective Gear Just. To. Open. The. Can. Painting with Methyl-Isocyanate based Coatings requires a Full Suit, and Supplied (filtered) Air to it, as the Vapors and Overspray attack you through the Skin. Then there’s Hydrazine Fuel and Fuming Red Nitric Acid as Oxidizer, used on Auxiliary Rocket Engines and Combustion-Turbine Generators. Both items will have you Choking Out at the least Smell of it that is noticeable.

    Biowar Agents like the Wuhan Batshit Plague are called “persistent hazards” because the Virus does not ‘evaporate’ or become Diluted rapidly like Chemicals. This agent is suspected of remaining ‘live’ for 7-9 Days depending on the Surface, Temperature/Humidity and exposure to Sunlight (Ultraviolet Rays).

    I would rather deal with Nuclear Weapons than Bugs, because Radioactive Particles can be instantly Detected with simple Instruments, Decon is just Soap and Water.

    I sure hope the PLA has metric tons of Masks, Filters and Protective Coveralls in the Logistics Warehouses… Once the Troops who are trained in its use run out of Gear or start getting Sick, the numbers of workers who can effectively fight this Outbreak goes way down.

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