Math Update And Ventilator Numbers

1)  On March 17th, we had 4000 confirmed cases. Today, April 4th, it’s at over 300,000 confirmed cases.

We have more than that; you know it, I know it, Yellow Dog knows it. But that means, minimum, this is doubling every three days, and has done so six times in the last nineteen days.

That’s eight million cases by the 19th of April, give or take.
And spotting this the low end of only a 1% CFR, that’s 80,000 dead in two more weeks, which surpasses any flu season, and is 4 times worse than the average one.

In perspective, it’s nearly a year’s worth of U.S. combat deaths from WWII, in just 2 more weeks, if it rolls out that way. It may be better or worse, but it’s sure as hell not anywhere close to good yet.

So, can we please finally STFU about how this is “just the flu”, and how “the cure is worse than the disease”, when opening the floodgates takes the spread of this to Mars, on a rocket ship?

It’s doubling every three days now, not just because of testing, but because it can, and this is with most of the country on at least voluntary stay-at-home, to restrain the spread (which is working, when dumbasses actually do it).

You can think happy thoughts when cases and deaths (over 1100 since yesterday) peak, and come down the other side of the roller coaster. Not before.

So I repeat, for emphasis:

Stay your happy ass at home, and DON’T catch this. Somewherebetween 97 and 99% of you will probably recover just fine. But 1-3% of you, and not all of them “old” by any standard, are going to die in a coma, isolated, with a plastic tube down your throat, and breathing mucus while you drown in your own body fluids. If you don’t have it now, and don’t catch it, you don’t have to see about finding that out firsthand, even at 1 chance in 33 or so. Go back and read this morning’s post, and see what you need to be working on. Worrying about this won’t fix it. Just know it’s still craptastic. Now go get on with your life, such as it may be, and do constructive things with your time.


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3 Responses to Math Update And Ventilator Numbers

  1. a follower says:

    Now this is interesting? “Corona” Relating too Palm sunday service recommended by President Trump.
    Greg Laurie senior Pastor

  2. a follower says:

    Wes, and Aesop,
    Thank you. This, “ventilator speak is a total ‘charade.’
    either it is worse than we are being told,= A lie. or it is a fake out, also A lie..

  3. Arch Stanton says:

    Stay home and have fun—take inventory of ammo, clean and lube your weapons, practice mag changes and transitions while watching John Wick. HooRah!

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