Matt Bracken: What happens when Ebola comes to Ferguson, USA, across all fifty states?


I had a meeting this weekend where I reminded some of the participants about a previous conversation where I explained why I did not like exploring scenarios based on hypothetical situations. Until now. Because an Ebola pandemic is not a scenario of economic collapse or a government breakdown. How can you prepare for an airborne pathogen with a 71% death rate? How can you prepare when the government is lying and actually enabling the spread of multiple diseases in our country. While your pResident plays golf, we face the absolute greatest threat to our children’s lives.

So read Matt Bracken’s article and consider the failure of civility that may happen sooner rather than later. And then consider why this is even happening in the United States.

David DeGerolamo


Bracken: When Ferguson Meets Ebola

Many American blacks are already angry. What happens to that anger when the epidemic strikes them? What happens when Ebola comes to Ferguson, USA, across all fifty states? Already brainwashed to a near fever-pitch of racial anger by professional agitators, it is my fear that after the plague hits they will then be super-beyond-belief pissed, and eager to share their case of Ebola with any white overlords and oppressors who come in range as their final act.


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