Maybe It Is Not About Race

Maybe it is not about race. Maybe it is about power and the ability to abuse it.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Maybe It Is Not About Race

  1. Justin Sane says:

    Maybe its about cops and cop haters.

  2. mtnforge says:

    Just follow the money, you find the power, indeed, because in a specific way it is about race, as an instrument of the tyrants age old system of divide & conquer.

    That is what Lenin’s useful dupes are for. Classic cannon fodder. Or liquidate them after their usefulness is over. In many instances the first to end up in gulag or a dirt nap.

    Its amazing no matter how many times you give it a good think, just how ignorant stupid and self destructive our Amerikan useful idiots are. It is no wonder why they are unhinged or deranged.
    A lot of cheese has to have fallen off your cracker to be a hive member of the human extinction movement, or one of the little totalitarians among us.

    Few weeks back I was pumping fuel into my vehicle. I had a new unlit cigar hanging out of my mouth. Suddenly there is this lady behind me yelling there is no smoking at the pumps. I turn around and say Man, I’m not smoking nice and polite like. She begins to yell in a very loud voice I’m not supposed to be smoking at the pumps.
    Its obvious this woman is taking her “outrage”, and this phony act of concern for safety. I’m looking at her and it dawns on me it is all about attention, look at me! I get this notion in my head, hang up the pump, slap the fuel door closed, walk up to her and take my cigar and jab the unlit end against her bare arm. She never flinched. It was hilarious how indignant she becomes, some hi and mighty comment about how she is concerned for my welfare yadi yadi yah. Suggested she get a job on CNN and the rest of the busybodies and shitstirrers. She says “you can’t talk to me like that”. I said I just did. If you dont like somebody you assault sticking up for themselves, mind your own business.
    She spouts off something about we’ll see about that. I was walking away at that point after paying for fuel and ignored the rest.
    I think it all was a show for the people in line at the cashiers kiosk for attention.

    The whole incident reminded me of the diarea of the mouth mock and faux outrage from the left. The Trump derangement, of course the hate and fear of Alt-Right, guns, all of it.
    Its an act. Literally posing and staging this wacked out “virtue” and a special higher plane of moral superiority.
    And it was barely a step below physical violence in its character. Something very sinister under the disguise. It was as I was running down the road it pops in my head it is the next stage in virtue signaling. She and others are testing the waters, judging how their intended subjects and spectators react to their types of personal assaults.
    At that moment it became apparent the whole of of these useful idiots a most cognizant of their actions. And as I was thinking back over the waterfall of signaling to come out of the last oval office regime, this “staging” in outrage and contempt has been very well orchestrated by some very cunning people in bringing out, nurturing, and cultivating an entire segment of our society into a berserker rage.
    I guess the important thing here is when, not if, does violence as a means take on approved statist?

    It sure is looking like a target rich environment. Because of the prudence and cold anger among the not Marxist population, no matter how much effort is squandered on manipulating the horrible racist “right” to start the most necessary violence for creating the required narrative, I highly suspect they will end up instigating violence as a means out of desperation.

    And that is the beauty of being White Christian Men of The West. We can not only afford to not employ violence before violence is used against us, this prudence is one of the great weapons we possess. Along with our Consent and withdrawal of our Consent, and our Arms we have personally mustered in great abundance.
    It always struck me how the not Marxist/Elites have so many guns. How we best put them to use for a long while by reserving their use till the moment when they become a great physical advantage, and how the Marxist/Elites can not risk tempting the fates, no matter how much smack talk they run their mouths about.
    It is a great dynamic, and a superior strategic advantage. A position of deep inner strength backed up with indomitable spirit. Yes, there are enough of us I think. We are Legion. The truth of this lies in the fact if we where not these things, those who presume, would not be bothering with disarmament and complex social engineered pogrom against us.
    We would be rotting away in mass graves and Gulags long ago.

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