McAfee Offers Latest Advice For Coming Civil War: “Arm Yourselves To The Fu*king Teeth”

Arm yourself to the f_cking teeth”

Pointing to a political map of the United States (“This is the layout, assuming we’re having war”), McAfee suggests that blue states “arm yourselves to the fucking teeth” with ‘vastly superior Israeli weaponry.’ 

To the blue states of Colorado and New Mexico; “I’m sorry, you’re surrounded. See if Mexico won’t annex you.” 

To the central-north states, “you’re too damn cold, noone wants you,” and the Northeast should “just tell them you’re part of Canada and they won’t know the f_cking difference.” 

To Florida, McAfee suggests “change the state language to Spanish, and when the invaders look for “el baño” (the bathroom) – can’t find one, they’ll go home.” 



I do not consider North Carolina to be a blue state. At least not west of Asheville.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to McAfee Offers Latest Advice For Coming Civil War: “Arm Yourselves To The Fu*king Teeth”

  1. Rabbi Will says:

    Very good advice. Minus his language of course! Every single person I talk to who lived through the nazi occupation and that’s quite a few. Says Its exactly the same as 39. In Europe . Same language same problem with the same proposed solution by government ! So keep your guns. Get more guns. Then get more practice!

    • Norseman says:

      I for one don’t have a problem with the language. I’ve found that folks who use that type of language tend to be much more honest in their opinions and talk . Defiantly need more pt and more dry fire . Lots more

  2. lawless says:

    I can tell you Surry west and north isn’t blue either. Just drive around and see the flags and signs.

    • Noway2 says:

      The blue in N.C. is pretty much in enclaves surrounded by seas of red. Think of the Chapel-boro area. It has the earmarks for an intensely brutal period of violence that probably won’t last too long.

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