McCain’s Legacy

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2 Responses to McCain’s Legacy

  1. I cannot comment on McCain’s Character while he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam because I wasn’t there, nor can I comment on his character in his private life, again because I wasn’t there. But I can comment on his character, or lack there of, as a U.S. Senator. McCain loved to refer to himself as a maverick, He would have been honest if he called himself a TRAITOR, because he WAS a traitor to the Republican Party. All the years he spent in Congress, running as and being elected by Republicans, he betrayed those who elected him and negated their votes every time he conferred with Schumer, Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton to see how they were going to vote on important matters that concerned Republican voters, he would then vote with the Left. He called it “reaching across the aisle,” or “compromising with the Left”. I call it TREASON. I had no respect for him.

  2. riverrider says:

    legacy? ask the people on the Oriskiny. how about the votes on immigration that now allow criminal aliens to roam our streets and vote no less. ask how even an admiral’s son got away with stealing a jet fighter to delivery christmas presents to his girl friend, and crashing it when it ran out of fuel. there are plenty of other skeletons in his closet, even more than buddy teddy k. but to me, turning over the b.s. file to hillary’s fbi was treason and the reason we’ve had to endure the last 24 months of humiliation.

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