Meet the Senate candidate from NC Glenn called ‘the best candidate’ he has ever spoken to out of the gate

It’s no secret that Glenn is not a fan of politicians, and he speaks to all of them with great skepticism. But on radio this morning, he spoke with a Senate candidate from North Carolina, Dr. Greg Brannon, and he was pleasantly surprised by what he heard. In fact, Glenn went so far as call Brannon “perhaps the best candidate [he has] ever talked to the first time out of the shoot.”

“So we have decided that we wanted to be able to highlight some of the candidates around the country that are really truly winnable. And beyond winnable, they are candidates that are cut from the cloth of Ted Cruz, Ran Paul, or Mike Lee,” Glenn said. “I have not met this man, but… Matt Kibbe has compared him to Ted Cruz and Rand and Mike. He’s running for Senate against the Democrat Kay Hagan in North Carolina. His name is Greg Brannon.”

Brannon is a father of seven, practicing OBGYN, and longtime listener of the program, who openly discussed what led him to run for Senate and what he believes to be the biggest issues facing the nation. To begin, Glenn asked him why he chose to enter the political fray.

“Well first off, I believe it’s a service not politics. I’m 53. Our generation is going to pass on a less free America, unless we stand. And I’m not going to look at my children’s face and the
9,000 babies I delivered 15 years from now and they say: Where were in the fight for liberty. This is 1770 all over again,” Brannon said. “Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul – that’s our future of our country. It’s going back to our foundational core beliefs and who we are. And I’m not going to sit here on the sidelines.”


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4 Responses to Meet the Senate candidate from NC Glenn called ‘the best candidate’ he has ever spoken to out of the gate

  1. tmedlin says:

    I’m afraid he’s not going to be able to come back from the jury’s guilty verdict just handed down, along with his delinquent taxes-even though he just paid them. Get ready for Tillis.

  2. Mike armstrong says:

    Let’s not panic but keep our eye on the ball. the game of candidate destruction should have no influence on us. it’s Brannon in 2014. Grant and Hattis, if they could get off the lower tier can expect similar treatment. For anyone familiar with the judicial system, Brannon’s problems are a non-event.

    • tmedlin says:

      maybe so, Mike, but for anyone familiar with the political system, Brannon is now damaged goods and will have difficulty attracting generous donors, especially given the charges he’s been convicted of. Time will tell, and I don’t know that he’s got enough time to be exonerated before the primary

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