Slipping between us, the ghost and the morning
Prayers spent on finding, a reason to stay
Painful and aching, the balance is breaking
So many words, I don’t know what to say
Our planets break orbit like paper and water
Delicate dancing on the edge of her lips
Something unsettled, and something remembered
Something forgiven, keeps silent within
She turns to me with tears in her eyes
As if she doesn’t see the tempest inside
And our hearts are beating, but no one is breathing
A small thing I think, so close to the end
The clock is ticking, time is escaping…
I know I must be standing on my own
And something sacred, it could be dying… I know
And I stare with headlights now approaching
Blankets of sadness, bound up and cover, happiness lost.
I must have buried here
Inside I’m reaching, inside I’m pleading.
I can’t be losing everything
That I remember…
Oh Memorare
Oh Memorare…
Kisses left longing, somewhere behind us
Asking for comfort, like cats in between
This new regretting, how foolish the choices
That once seemed so meaningful, so sturdy and sane
Seconds in silence, last half of forever
Searching for glimpses lovers embraced
How close and how distance, we stand to each other
Knowing that nothing here can ever be replaced
Oh Memorare
Oh Memorare
Are we together?

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