Migrant multitude swells at Austria border

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3 Responses to Migrant multitude swells at Austria border

  1. Phil says:

    Now that the Aussies have thrown out the conservative P.M. and voted in a liberal whack job multicultural nut case, they will open the door for millions of them due the new PM being mentally deficient of brain matter. they will overtake the Aussies and begin the process of Sharia with the raping, murdering, stealing, be-headings, raping of children, etc. and the new PM will go along with it. Since the Aussies had to give up there guns due to the Khazarian filthy perverted jew Women from the U.N. and Europe and they will go down easy, the barbarians will get the guns and could care less about no guns allowed laws.

  2. LT says:

    Schauen Sie sich alle diese menschliche schmutz. Sind dreckig jeder einzelne!
    Dieser brodelnde Masse der Dämonen sich windenden an den Toren der Zivilisation, schreien um eingelassen zu werden.
    Ach, was das böse die sie bringen -- nicht nur mit ihnen; Ja! aber in ihnen ist.
    Es ist, was sie sind. Gibt keine möglichen es mittel zu sortieren das Böse von dem bösen. Man tue den das Böse und ihre Haut ist leer. Ja! Ist wahr!

    Das Böse in ihnen ist Der Tod, und es wird über uns ausgegossen werden, wenn wir zugeben sie unter alles.

    …Schneller als schnell.

    • Phil says:

      Look at all this human filth. Are dirty each!
      This seething mass of demons wringing at the gates of civilization, screaming to be let in.
      Oh, what evil they bring -- not only with them; Yes! but it is them them.
      It’s what they are. There are no possible means to sort it evil from the evil. Take away the evil and their skin is empty. Yes! Is true!

      The evil in them is death, and it will be poured out upon us, if we admit at all.

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