Misdirected Again

It is imperative that we continually ask ourselves what we are overlooking at this point in time. If we are successfully misdirected, the consequences will not be insignificant. A checklist for organizing the proper issues will help:

  1. What was in the media that has been displaced by the latest news cycle?
  2. What issue will have important consequences if the truth comes out?
  3. Is the issue time sensitive?
  4. Are both political parties complicit?

Some issues are a complete black swan that we will not see coming. No need to worry about those since we have no control on their consequences or timing; neither does the media. The main issue that should be on everyone’s mind is the final report of the Mueller investigation.

I will address this particular issue as outlined in the above corresponding four points.

  1. The Mueller investigation was supposed to be completed during the President’s Vietnam summit with North Korea. It was then postponed to the following week. Now, two weeks later, the final report still has not been sent to the Attorney General. Why? Will the investigation show any collusion on the part of the President? This extra time allows for the report (if and when it is released to the public) to be shrouded by the fog of time and to be replaced by the new investigations in the House. The news cycle “issues” that successfully replaced this story: Varsity Blues scandal, AOC’s latest mental faux pas, New Zealand massacre, Brexit and the Boeing 737. Do any of these stories impact your life?
  2. The Mueller report is the beginning of the proof that Obama directed the DOJ and FBI to dismiss Hillary Clinton’s email/server felonies. It would also prove that the investigation was the insurance policy designed by the FBI and overseen by the White House to marginalize and disrupt the Trump administration. However the main consequence will be the exposure of the Deep State and its soft coup against the American people.
  3. The issue is time sensitive as shown by the “release” of the secret testimony over the past two weeks. If this information had been released by the Republicans prior to the 2018 mid term elections, I believe the Republicans would have retained control of the House. As an aside, why is no one asking the reason so many Republican Representatives “decided” not to run for reelection? As time passes, people will be led by multiple sources to ask “what difference does it make” IF the media even reports on the findings of the investigation?
  4. The Deep State is comprised of the political elite of both parties. The latest example of their true allegiance was the Senate vote to nullify President Trump’s declaration of the border crisis. This was never done by the Republican controlled House and Senate under the Obama administration. The complicit actions of the Republicans in Trump’s first two year’s in office exposed their true nature. We have no budget but we still have Obamacare. They did not restrain federal spending, sanctuary cities (and now a sanctuary state) or secure the border. The success of the Trump administration is due to trade negotiations and the removal of government regulations on businesses; the Deep State has minimal or no control over those actions.

Ask yourself how your life will change IF the full extent of a soft coup by political elite with the aid of the media is exposed? Ask yourself how your life will change if a civil war erupts in this country? Ask yourself how you will defend your family and friends when your “world” collapses?

David DeGerolamo

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  1. The Republicans that crossed over on the “Wall” vote should be labeled “Vichy Republicans”.

    Does anyone recall what eventually happened to the Vichy — especially in Norway ?

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