Mission Analysis & the Four D’s

Military Intelligence [MI] [Branch+Regimental][1.5]

by Sam Culper

I recently started incorporating the four D’s into Mission Planning and Analysis.  The mission drives intelligence and intelligence drives the fight.  Therefore if we don’t understand the mission, we can’t drive the fight.

The mission of protecting your family and community through tactical engagement is not enough.  There’s a reason why there are aggressive Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations during conflict: to discover the threats before they appear and to discover the attacks before they’re launched.  US/CF disrupted countless attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it could not have happened had we been tucked away in our bases all day surfing on SIPR or JWICS.

So I’d encourage each of you reading this, especially if you’re concerned with threats in your community post-SHTF, to get out there and be active in your community.  Learn about those who live around you, get to know them and develop a rapport.  If I’m going to depend on these people during an emergency, I want to be on a first name basis with all of them yesterday.

At any rate, the four D’s is our strategic plan to bring security to our community.  They are as follows…


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