Mob Rips Apart Afghan Woman Falsely Accused of Burning Koran

A mob at a Muslim shrine in central Kabul killed an Afghan woman who was falsely accused of burning the Koran, showing that Afghanistan has not changed much despite more than 14 years of U.S.-led engagement.



I wonder how many people will watch this video. This is Islam. Trying to shroud Islam as peaceful only leads to one eventual end. And the above example was Muslim against Muslim violence.

Why do you support a government that is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood? What difference will it make replacing Obama with Hillary? Will you fight for your Lord or deny Him?

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Mob Rips Apart Afghan Woman Falsely Accused of Burning Koran

  1. Tom Angle says:

    Did anyone notice all the moderate muslims coming to her rescue?

  2. watcher says:

    I want to identify this commonly utilized term that is inappropriately used in christianity, “Lord”.
    A Lord…. could be Obama, or Clinton, or Putin, or Ha Satan or mohammed alla or the Pope.
    Yeshua told us, CALL no man father. Call no man rebbi. Call no man your lord.
    All of those manmade titled Lords, and those whom bow to them and their false laws, are false idolators.

    Our El ohim has a name! And it is not ….Lord.
    The Greeks translated this name of homage to our GOD, and it has stuck in the present bibles.
    Call on him and Know HIS name! Call on HIM by HIS righteous name!

    Shema! Hear O’ Israel, Obey O’ Israel!

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