Monday Morning Wakeup Call

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7 Responses to Monday Morning Wakeup Call

  1. John Bunyan says:

    Its amazing the idiots running around in the US believing that if they elect a communist government that they will be allowed to keep their perversions and so stupid to not realize that they are going to be killed off like the rest of us…
    Thats liberal intellectualism for you. Can’t fix stupid.

  2. Rumplestiltskin says:

    Absolutely and exactly on target.

  3. Richard Mooney says:

    Stupid is, is stupid does! America you have been so dumbed down, that both sides of ideology strangeling America, are living in an alternative delusion of reality! They each, neocons and liberal socialists are each just at a different end of extreme deluded reality!

  4. Pat Henry says:

    If this crooked election is allowed to stand, be ready for the fight of our lives. We Patriots must stand together, and be as LIONS. Pray, Pray and pray some more, for Almighty God to be with us as we battle the BEAST.

  5. Blather says:

    EBIL has overtaken our land. Corrupted from the top to the bottom. Therefore, we will get destroyed and invaded very soon.

    No one can you hear your screams in outer space. TURD rock from the sun. Trouble comes in TURDS, ya know?

  6. John says:

    how true

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