More than 90 million immediate casualties would result



The above simulation would be a solution to climate change that some people would welcome. I have no doubt that we would already be in WW III if Hillary had won the election. The restraint shown by Trump is challenged by some but I believe he is willing to negotiate from a position of power rather than send our sons and daughters to war. Keep in mind that this simulation is based on weapons that we know exist. Throw in hypersonic drones and EMP torpedoes for tsunamis to have the complete destruction of one of the two sides.

Then again:

The last crisis started in money markets.  Add that to the ongoing WTF-happened questions about the Saudi bombings, and there seems to be a curious sense of false calm in markets.  No vol, no concern, and gold hardly moving.  I can’t help but think of ducks; serenely floating upstream while their legs are furiously paddling below the surface.  Something is happening, and we don’t know what it is.


We may be mushrooms with little ability to impact our overseers but we should be sapient and prepare.

David DeGerolamo

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