My Christmas List

When I was a child, this was the time of the year which would bring some semblance of joy. I know that Christmas letdown is part of the holiday season but for now, I want to be positive. Here is my 2020 Christmas list:

  1. Donald Trump issues an executive order allowing the unrestricted distribution of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for the treatment of COVID-19.
  2. All illegal votes across the country will be voided.
  3. The traitors who have engineered multiple coups and the theft of elections will be arrested, tried and appropriately punished.
  4. Social media companies will be held accountable for election manipulation with appropriate fines and restrictions to prevent future manipulation.
  5. Our educational process is restored so that our children are taught, not indoctrinated.
  6. Teachers’ and government employees’ unions are abolished.
  7. The civil war will be short with minimal casualties.
  8. Media outlets report news instead of promoting propaganda.
  9. I want to spend this time with my family and friends to honor the birth of our Saviour.
  10. I pray that God will be merciful when He punishes us for our transgressions.

David DeGerolamo

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14 Responses to My Christmas List

  1. Hope says:

    Amen, David. My list mirrors yours and I’m sure there are millions more of us who feel the same way.

  2. oldtimer505 says:

    Excellent list David. I shall pray for the same.

  3. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- Well said. Focusing on the important flex-points of our approaching future is most helpful.

    I am copying this, with proper attribution and sending it out to all on my various lists.


  4. Hammers Thor says:

    Excellent list David, nothing to add. Thanks for sharing. Have posted to

  5. From your lips (pen) to the Almighty’s ear… AND Trump’s.
    Might I add:
    Return this nation to the Constitution, AS WRITTEN.
    Seize ALL assets of ALL the criminals and drug dearlers and Reduce the budget to ZERO.
    Reform the Welfare System
    Reform the Social Security System so there’s NO double-dipping
    Establish a criminal reporting system to report financial crimes and act upon them
    Remove the Special Health Benefits of those in congress.
    Remove the Special Retirement benefits of congress
    Reduce congressional payscale to $100.00, only when they appear
    If the government shuts down, congress is the LAST to get paid.

  6. gail jansen says:

    Amen, Amen.

  7. James Edward Trammell says:


  8. Terri L Parker says:

    Your words to God’s ear. Amen!

  9. MollyP says:

    No improvement possible. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  10. Frank Orochena says:

    I agree with all, but in order toget rid of the government employees, and teachers unions, we will have to get rid of the sociopaths, and psychopaths in management that caused the emergence of the unions!

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