My dark side of prepping – SouthernPrepper1

From YouTube:

An area in my life my wife calls the dark side but I need it and will not clean up my act. This pile of stuff could be just as important as food and other prepping supplies in a economic collapse.

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2 Responses to My dark side of prepping – SouthernPrepper1

  1. rogerunited says:

    You see the “junk” pile a lot in rural parts of Alaska and Canada where people live farther from stores.

  2. Sgt. C says:

    It was no problem to build a shed to put all that sort of stuff in. I dont want it to rust, nor have anyone see just what I have, nor help themselves to it. And…in the shed, my wife doesnt see it, & she quit &#@*%& at me once it was out-of-sight!

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