My Utmost 2/18/19

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8 Responses to My Utmost 2/18/19

  1. a follower says:

    Some of you have the wrong idea about the middle, and some you perceive as “fence” setters.
    What does the Good Book say about ambassadors etc. And where are they?
    “The middle is always evil”
    i disagree, the middle can see the evil of both sides. The middle is where the Truth begins.
    Study hegelian dialect, Yo Jimbo, or for a very good read Sun tzu art of warfare.

  2. David says:

    My biggest problem with church is the message that we are dirty, sinful creatures whose only hope is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Since true Christians have repented and accepted Jesus, I do not understand the purpose of giving us despair and hopelessness every week instead of the joy and hope in Jesus?

    • a follower says:

      Do you remember false grace? Bonhoeffer
      How many “Christians” have repented and never changed one bit?
      When you Truly have the Holy Spirit within you , one should be able to see the True hope and the promise amongst the despair and hopelessness.

      • David says:

        I remember false grace and know that many “Christians” fall into this category. But never say that to a pastor: only they can point that out regardless of the truth. Hope and despair can still haunt a good Christian. Lack of vitamin D in the winter is a physical cause.

        I pray for His guidance every day. I also pray that I will not have to do the deeds of the Biblical David who had too much blood on his hands to build God’s temple. We are in for a tough future.

        • a follower says:

          Pastors need to be warned as well as the next guy.
          Some of them are aware.
          Just heard of a methodist pastor (good intel)who is moving along,
          Much of the methodist church going to include same sex marriage.
          it is madness, what is taking place. Things one would never have believed just a few years ago.
          i believe the same sex marriage decision marked a true turning point for this country.

  3. Exring says:

    “Always and Never” are to words you “always, never say”. Jesus is a concept for me and I can believe in him without all the “baggage” you suggest. This is all personal, why make it “institutional”? I will face God when the time comes and believe that how I have led my life is important.

  4. ern says:

    Jesus is a concept? No sir Jesus was a REAL person who really died on a cross and not for His crimes but for the crimes and sins of others.If you choose to not believe the Bible about this account eve secular history will record the facts for us. Just say you don’t want anything to do with the Jesus of the Bible,and let it go at that. Riding in on a noble horse will not get you anything and yes you will meet God but you will not be happy and it will be all based on what you have done with His Son Jesus Christ,and nothing about how you have led your life.

  5. lawless says:

    A man who says he cannot relate to feeling despair at some point is either blessed beyond belief or a liar. The Word is there for you to use and to give you hope, not point you toward self pity. Skip over the devotional if it bothers you, I suspect many feel like it relates to their life.

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