My Utmost 2/20/19

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2 Responses to My Utmost 2/20/19

  1. lawless says:

    Once we have a mission, to sit back and contemplate it forever and try to decide are we to actually follow God’s will or ignore it is sure to cause us much grief. God will not give us our next answer to “what now” until we fulfill what He has already given us.

    Sound familiar? He will have a a Remnant. A people who honor Him and live a courageous and moral life before Him in this time. If we do not want the rocks to cry out His name, we better learn to do it ourselves. Times are about to be very hard, faith in many cases will be all we have. I understand we have among us those without this faith in Christ, this does not mean you are not my friend but I cannot comprehend a life without that hope.

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