My Utmost 3/19/19

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  1. a follower says:

    Abraham is an amazing example of putting Yahuah first. He was willing to sacrifice his own son. And yes there is a lot more in that story.
    How many are willing to sacrifice everything worldly for God? We see it daily from both sides (what about the children?) We see how the left uses them, & we, ‘if’ we are tuned in, can see how the right uses them.
    And yes i do understand. Yet this lets kill em all and let God sort em out does not sit well.
    Could it be, He is sorting them out right now?
    We need to encourage faith and Trust in Him, not men. Think of the ones who sat in the room with blood marking their doors, as the angel of death passed outside. Do we have that faith, that trust?
    Were they cowards?

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