My Viewpoint on Slavery

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Concerning a post in which the author supported Sherman’s March to the Sea and wondered if I supported slavery:

Slavery is evil. It does not matter if it is outright ownership of another human or a family trapped in a factory town paid in company script used in the company store that is never enough to cover their debt to the “company”. The analogy of the Federal debt is today’s example. No one addressed the issue of the War of Northern Aggression’s real reason: the economic wealth of the South. No one addressed that there are more slaves today than at any point in history. No one addressed boycotting companies using slave labor today. No one addressed the tyranny of Lincoln or the abuses of the Constitution under his reign and then Reconstruction.

Anyone who tries to defend Gen. Sherman’s tactics of murder and theft can do so on Judgment Day. Sherman’s army were war criminals and would have been tried and hanged for their crimes if the South had won.

The discussion should have been about restoring the rule of law, the Constitution (unless you want a new government), slavery and war tactics today. How many civilians has the US killed as “collateral damage”.

Lincoln had no jurisdiction to eliminate slavery in another sovereign country. He did not eliminate slavery in the North and enforced the still existing Fugitive Slave laws during the war. Today, the US does not issue proclamations outlawing slavery in Libya or Saudi Arabia. Don’t you think US sanctions would be in order against any country allowing slavery?

I am not fighting the Civil War or waiting for the South to rise again (although I would celebrate it), I am pointing out the history that we are repeating today.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to My Viewpoint on Slavery

  1. Hans says:

    If daveburton had researched the root-cause of secession, he would have understood it was the result of a long train of abusive tariffs and practices of the north:

    “As early as the Revolutionary War, the South primarily produced cotton, rice, sugar, indigo and tobacco. The North purchased these raw materials and turned them into manufactured goods. By 1828, foreign manufactured goods faced high import taxes. Foreign raw materials, however, were free of tariffs.

    Thus the domestic manufacturing industries of the North benefited twice, once as the producers enjoying the protection of high manufacturing tariffs and once as consumers with a free raw materials market. The raw materials industries of the South were left to struggle against foreign competition.

    Because manufactured goods were not produced in the South, they had to either be imported or shipped down from the North. Either way, a large expense, be it shipping fees or the federal tariff, was added to the price of manufactured goods only for Southerners. Because importation was often cheaper than shipping from the North, the South paid most of the federal tariffs.

    Much of the tariff revenue collected from Southern consumers was used to build railroads and canals in the North. Between 1830 and 1850, 30,000 miles of track was laid. At its best, these tracks benefited the North. Much of it had no economic effect at all. Many of the schemes to lay track were simply a way to get government subsidies. Fraud and corruption were rampant.”

    Excerpted from “Protective Tariffs: The Primary Cause of the Civil War”:

    The re-education camps of the Reconstructed Republic have certainly been effective in their propaganda. But when you’re training sheep, it’s an easy job.

  2. Tom Angle says:

    There is no need to explain yourself to him. He has no problem with slavery. He has no problem with the government forcing someone to provide for another.

    You might wanted to explain a little more in detail about the company store thing. I am not sure he really understands exactly how ill those people where treated. A slave you paid for had value, a coal miner had none. If there was a cave in, they only cared about the mules and equipment. Another miner could be found for free. I had family that live got paid in company script, lived in a company house and had to shop at a company store.

  3. Average Joe says:

    Respectfully David and while I appreciate your effort in making the statement, it will most likely fall upon ears unwilling to listen for that heart which would offer such accusations against others never had any interest in truth. The attack is rather a tactic to place those on the other side of an issue on defense.

    Whether it be the accusation de jour, or some new concoction, the goal is the same, first to change the subject and second to remove themselves and their motivations from the discussion. It is the tactic of the weak minded and, as we just experienced, usually ends up with name calling and more false allegation to which one is either left to continually address the idiotic rants or as you choose, close the discussion.

    On a final note, Mr. Burton, if you care to have a personal meet and greet I’d be happy to oblige. I am no spring chicken but my sense of honor compels me to extend the offer. I would inform you that should you decide to take me up on the offer bring intellect but no insult. For if insult is offered and you are in arms reach, win or loose, those knuckles you claim I am dragging around shall be put to use. I’d much prefer a drink, maybe a quiet meal, along with a lively discussion but if you have other interests….I’ll be your huckleberry.

    Average Joe

  4. lon a follower says:

    Lies are a divider, yet when the Truth walks in amongst the lies the division multiplies. We must seek this Truth.
    Truth is a double edge sword.
    Sometimes it is we who are punched or knocked down with elements of Truth, humble yourselves and stand back up.
    No one wants to admit.we have been used, abused, and lied too by our own gov. military and organised “incorporated” religion. We care about these people! Many of them have not faced these Truths.
    The disease is world wide.
    Not sure we can end slavery, but we can choose our Master, Yahuah willing.

  5. God bless you David my brother. I am always honored to listen to/read your presentation of the truth. We must stand up, speak the truth and defend the innocent, peopl of course and honor and justice, so thank you again and know that i am millions of patriotic Americans stand with you. Peter Alexander, Maine

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