NC 2nd District US House Race – Joke of the Country

The US House of Representatives race for the 2nd District of North Carolina is Renee Ellmers (R) vs. Clay Aiken (D). The Democrat primary was contested until Aiken’s challenger, Keith Crisco, passed away suddenly yesterday. So the race becomes a vote between the lesser of two evils. Renee is an incompetent GOP politician riding on the coattails of Mark Zuckerberg to support illegal alien immigration reform. Clay has no experience and will run on his homosexuality. Either way, North Carolina loses.

My condolences go out to the Crisco family.

David DeGerolamo

Crisco remembered as a man of honor, character and integrity

In last Tuesday’s primary, Crisco was trailing Aiken by 369 votes, according to unofficial totals. Crisco said in a statement Wednesday that he was waiting for county canvasses to see if the race remained close enough for him to request a recount or whether he and Aiken would go to a July runoff.

Crone said he had spoken with Crisco earlier in the day and that Crisco said he planned to concede the race Tuesday.

Christine Botta, Crisco’s campaign manager, said Monday evening that they were not yet ready to concede the election.

“We were not ready to concede until every single ballot had been counted. That decision had not been made by the state Board of Elections yet so we were not ready to concede,” she said.


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2 Responses to NC 2nd District US House Race – Joke of the Country

  1. daveburton says:

    That’s not correct. In the first place, Elmers is not incompetent. She’s a fine lady, bright and articulate, decent and honest. She doesn’t happen to be as conservative as I am, but few are, and she’s no RINO.

    If counting of provisional ballots were to somehow drop Aiken below 40%, there’d still be a runoff, even though his opponent wouldn’t be actively campaigning, being dead and all. If counting of provisionals somehow boosted Cisco above Aiken (and also above 40%), then the 2nd District Democratic Executive Committee would pick a replacement for him.

    Hey, if dead North Carolinians can vote (81 of ’em in 2012!), why can’t they run for office?

    • David says:

      Thanks for reminding me. I have a video to publish of Ellmers showing how articulate she is from 2010. She was articulate enough when she berated her constituents. But then she does not get much practice since she avoids town halls.

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