NCRenegade “Limited” by Twitter

Should I remove the post to accommodate Twitter?

David DeGerolamo

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11 Responses to NCRenegade “Limited” by Twitter

    • David says:

      I selected the button that I thought would appeal the decision but it actually was asking to remove the tweet. I removed it since Twitter is not worth the effort at this time.

      • Wes says:

        I’ve gotten a few of those 12 hour bans thanks to Eric Swalwell. Left tweets up and Twitter never did anything else.

  1. Publius Huldah says:

    I read your post about the German politician at the time you posted it. Weren’t you just re-posting news? What about appealing their decision?

    • David says:

      Another editor posted that article. The article was reposting news with another image saying “we can do it”. I do not think Twitter reviewed the entire post but took issue with the possibility that politicians whose actions harm others or their country’s security may have to pay for those actions.

  2. Hadenoughalready says:

    Hell NO~!

  3. leflard says:

    Why remove it? Make them jump through the hoops. They can suck it.

  4. a follower says:

    i do not see a problem with posting such news items and the resulting comments. Seems like we are just witnessing the thought police in action.
    Are we not to discuss opposing views?

    • David says:

      Only one side is now allowed to present their viewpoints in this country. That is censorship. I have been doing this a long time and found that most people on the other side are not bad people but they are weak minded and easily led. IF you can break through to have a thoughtful one on one discussion with them, they usually find that they have more in common with us than they were led to believe. Unfortunately, we are headed into wars where discussion will not happen.

  5. Robert Gschwind says:

    Never. I posted that same article and have not been banned for it yet. Would never bow to their threats.

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