Night Vision on the cheap?

Anyone checked these out?

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2 Responses to Night Vision on the cheap?

  1. Brandon says:

    I have. Found that a good pair of binoculars worked better. At a SAR exercise I compared that exact model, a Russian brand:night owl I think, and a pair of Carson and Stiener binoculars at night. Moon was about 1/3 full and no other light present in the area.
    The NVs where about equal in performance, the Russian version did have a way too mount behind a red dot though.
    However both binoculars could see more detail and further that the NVs.
    We concluded that a quality pair of binoculars gather more light than the El cheapo NVs and dont need batteries ECT to carry with it.
    Also had a cheap FLIR monucular that night too. Kind of apples and oranges with that comparison though. If your looking for heat then FLIR is the way to go. But FLIR is not the end all either……
    In closing 90% of what you need a GOOD pair of binoculars or rifle scope are the way to go. FLIR is Handy for the other 9% and the cheap NV is fun to play with but that’s about it for my use. The remaining 1% is for a gen 4 NV that I will never spend the $ on.

  2. Len Savage says:

    Find you a set NOBG1’s Best $400-$800 gen one non-magnification binocular unit I ever owned.

    You won’t hear this in the news but all good gen one night vision comes from Belarus Russia….Russia has an embargo on us and our government refuses to let any in.

    That unit you ask about is old CCD technology and is nothing but an infrared camera. No light amplification. Nothing amplifies better than a vacuum tube. Even commercial broadcast TV is amplified with tubes…Russians are VERY good at making light amplification tubes.

    If you start looking around you will see I am correct. They have all but dried up in the last six months. Used unit only unless a retailer has some new old stock.

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