No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to “Hazards”


Update June 20th: Cooper Nuclear Station Issues “Notification of Unusual Event” and Is Under a No Fly Zone
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Why is Minot, ND Under a No Fly Zone for Hazards?

June 22nd Update

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a temporary flight restriction over the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant until further notice due to “Hazards”. This would normally be a precautionary measure after an electrical fire disabled cooling for the spent fuel rod pool as outlined below. The question is why is this still in effect?

As reported previously, this facility is surrounded by sand bags as the Missouri River rises.

David DeGerolamo

Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Nebraska Nuclear Plant

A fire in an electrical switch room on Tuesday briefly knocked out cooling for a pool holding spent nuclear fuel at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant outside Omaha, Neb., plant officials said.

The safety of deep pools used to store used radioactive fuel at nuclear plants has been an issue since the accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant in March. If the cooling water a pool is lost, the used nuclear fuel could catch fire and release radiation.


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64 Responses to No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to “Hazards”

  1. Nort Natterson says:

    Oh Geeh, Imagine that, no backup for the backup cooling system for the spent fuel rods! I wonder if they are using MOX fuel too, sure hope not! Better send in Jimmy Carter and Doctor Denten in to check it out! Did GE Design this plant too?

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  3. bobthegrape says:

    Who the hell licensed these power stations in a flood plane without having the equipment designed for operation when submerged or constructed on stilts to keep it above the water? WTF?? The NRC is just a do-nothing organization that rubber stamps these reactor licenses. Our entire gov’t needs to be fired en masse and replaced with knowledgeable, reasonable folks!

    • beiningyank says:

      The nuclear industry is in the heart of the military, industrial, intelligence, prison, drug running complex. These plants were designed with planned obsolescence because the oligarchs are out to kill us. These oligarchs will party in the bunkers they have built, and use the new technology for their own happiness. Their progeny will go to the stars. Your progeny, if alive, will have two heads and five eyes.

      • audrey says:

        Sad but it seems true…
        But their bunkers will not save them when the time for harvesting their twisted seed by the All ever present super conscious where we all go after our mortal shell is shedded…We will have bountyfull harvest they will have nasty one….

    • Mike says:

      US is in deep poo poo. They will never get it fixed until the waters subside. How they gonna get equipment to it? Besides they’re planning another war.

  4. William Zabel says:

    This is exactly what most people have been worrying about is that a U.S. Nuke plant plant would suffer the same as in Japan. The fact that the water is still rising does not bode well for the plant. Wonder if our so-called experts will make the same mistakes as the Japanese?

  5. JB says:

    Oh sure, right after Fukushima, another plant “just happens” to be in jeopardy, also due to rising waters. just slightly unlikely.

    And I guess we are supposed to believe that they did not know when they built the plant that it was in an area where flooding was a possibility.

    • mitch says:

      Most plants like this are built close to rivers. They need about a cubic mile of water a year or more for cooling to operate. Pumping that amount of water is not an easy task and the companies are not willing to spend money on that low of risk even though we seem to be experiencing a 700 year flood every 8 years and the plants are designed for a 500 year flood.

  6. H.TREWIN says:

    Nuclear emissions will disrupt digital systems, affecting flight data etc.

    • Westcoastliberal says:

      That’s a new one. No the real reason is they don’t want the public to see the plant when the expected 5 additional feet of water further overwhelms the plant.
      Of course if any of the 3 antiquated dams upstream give way, then it’s Japan all over again.

  7. H.TREWIN says:

    Can fly if information is relayed via tape recording.

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  10. Jimmy says:

    Anybody mad as hell yet? Will this be the thing that gets you fat, lazy, dancing with the stars watching morons off your bloated butts to maybe ….iunno…..RAISE SOME HELL?
    Probably not because look how everybody ignored the BP gulf fiasco. Guess what? You people will be hung out to dry just like the people in the gulf have been. Still there is debate over how popular Obama is? You all disgust me. Simpleton moron good for nothing useless eaters.

    • gg says:

      Just what do you suggest one do? Some have done all they can as individuals, putting health, money, careers and reputation at risk. Not only do you stand alone, your ‘neighbor’ will turn on you and side with the corrupt govt. Lone martyrs dont seem to make much of a dent. It took a village to make this monster and it will take a village to correct it. Spent years speaking up, no support -just made me a target- and friendless.

      • Jimmy says:

        After thinking about it, I think that you’re probably pretty much correct. I’m sorry for what I said. Truly. Good luck to all. We are going to need each other more than ever before, it’s so sad.

      • Neil says:

        You’re not friendless. You’ve got the truth as a friend -- and us.

        • Jake_v says:

          That right there…that my friends is America.

          The same exact thing happened in Hawaii and hence the rest of the US in WWII, we all pulled together.

          Jimmy there are a ton of us who understand whats going on and are questioning everything. There are a ton who still are oblivious. I assure you the American green Giant is catching on, slowly but surely. To see an exchange like this is what it is all about.

          You both have another fellow America, friend here. Good Speed gentlemen.

  11. kurt says:

    there was a 4.2 earthquake on june, 7th, centered under eastern missouri…ive been watching for quakes for 10 yrs. and im not sure ive ever there. perfect timing, id have to say. 5 huge old dams up river ready to pop…..wait, i think ive seen this movie….it didnt end well.

    • Yeah No says:

      Damn, a 4.2? whatever shall we do! Wake someone up when you get a 5. Or, say, anything remotely large enough to ACTUALLY DO DAMAGE. The New Madrid fault region is well-known and construction needs to meet earthquake codes because of this.

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  13. Julian Malone says:

    The Govt anticipates disasters like this, and they’ve got the funds and personnel to factor plenty of the variables in these so-called ‘mishaps’ . Public safety is the least of their concerns. They’ve got bigger fish to fry (us) and they’re using radiation for bait.

  14. Benjamin says:

    See, there’s this theory that goes that Love, being the Lord God Almighty, the King of Creation, the Author of Life, the Creator of all things seen and unseen, that Love and Grace, Grace being the first emanation of Love and the First Thought of Love, that Grace causeth that the many myriad things that could go wrong do not go wrong, such that ‘But By the Grace of God Go I’ be true, such that when Grace be Withdrawn due to Sin, being ‘Error’, the chief of which is the lack of Charity, meaning Good Will, that when the Sons of Man do Err by being of Ill Will towards their fellow Pilgrims (translated as Jews) then there is the Withdrawal of Grace leading to All things that Could Go Wrong Do Go wrong, which is the Apocolypse, that Wise Men do realize that it’s time to walk humbly before the Lord and do no harm.

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  16. Big Red Husker says:

    The FAA has issued a TFR NOTAM on 7 JUN 11 “Until Further Notice” for the air space immediately above the other nuclear power plant in Nebraska, located along the Missouri River and approx. 80 mi. south of Omaha, in Brownsville, NE.

  17. Elvin says:

    The government wants you DEAD.

    • beiningyank says:

      Agreed. They are nothing but the most advanced psychopathic baby killing war criminal mafia ever created. Corrupt from the top down, bottom up, and inside out.

      Find those WMD’s yet? Well, not exactly but they did find advanced military grade nano thermate in the 911 dust.

      They murdered 3000 Americans 911. How much compassion do you think they have for you?

  18. Thomas says:

    This is a serious problem. The NRC and utilities have known about this long before fukushima but have done nothing. Thankfully someone has. There is currently a petition before the NRC that would require nuclear plants to have multiple independent backup for the cooling of the spent fuel pool. The petition was filed BEFORE fukushima happened.

    The NRC is requesting public comment on the petition it is PRM-50-96. The more people who comment positively ,the more likely it is to be approved. The NRC was going to try to sweep it under the rug until several citizens started writing them about it. It is not anti nuclear and does not seek to close any plants only make them able to survive long term loss of cooling power. It can be found by going to and searching for NRC-2011-0069. If you are going to comment please do it now the petition is only open for comment for a short time.

    • beijingyank says:

      NO nukes. No foreign intrigue. Arrest and prosecute the military, industrial prison, intelligence, drug running, war criminals, with extreme prejudice.

      If we don’t get them, they will get us.

      • YouAllMakeMeSad says:

        Wow, the comments I’ve read here have me truly frightened. It’s not the potential for a release of radiation that concerns me, it’s the mindless babble of nearly all of those who leave comments. Rants about CIA drug running, rants about Obama impeachment, rants about oligarchies and their secret bunkers, rants about government cover-ups. Seriously folks, maybe you should take off you aluminum foil hats, put down your assault rifles, and just go out for a nice long walk.

        I bet you all think Kennedy was killed by Elvis because the CIA knew Marilyn Monroe was a Nazi from Mars and was trying to blackmail Hover into letting the Trilaterals take over Fort Knox. And the Pope started the Vietnam war because he wanted to destroy a secret underwater UFO base before they could use a secret brainwashing ray gun that would turn us all into zombie Masons.

        I trust the Tea party will have your vote in 2012?

        What a bunch of whack jobs.

        • admin says:

          Agreed. The article presents facts for consideration only. Our nation’s problems are three fold: we have government, the church and the educational system all contributing to our country’s problems. Does anyone know that the Revolutionary War was called the Presbyterian War in England? Can you imagine if our churches starting to make us moral and virtuous people as the Bible states? The comments reflect the critical thinking skills developed by our “educational” system.

          I worked at nuclear power plants for five years. To see a power plant be cited for not having penetrations waterproof is a problem for me. However, this nuclear facility is shut down for maintenance and is in no danger of posing any threat as what happened in Japan. I am more concerned about the Ft. Peck dam than this facility.

        • Jake_v says:

          I think the real whack jobs are the folks who don’t consider anything outside of the box, those who don’t question this government or its motives, those who blindly follow, and to further that, criticize those who do question.

          You;re ignorance is blissful. When shit does hit the fan you will be surprised how quickly stuff is swept up, and you’ll just be another number.

          Its patriotic to question your government and moronic to blindly follow. You, sir, are foolish.

          • YouAllMakeMeSad says:

            In response to JP:
            Whatever credibility Gen Boykin has earned through his “valued service” to the Department of Defense has been completely undermined by his (very public) born-again fundamentalist Christian rantings. Have you heard his babble about how god spared members of his assault team when their choppers crashed in the Iranian desert? Or how god miraculously healed his arm from a gunshot wound he suffered in Grenada? His world is brimming with conflict between god and satan, Marxists and Capitalists, Christians and Islamists -- and he fancies himself uniquely qualified to lead the charge. He’s an overly zealous fighter for his god in the same sad and sick ways that our enemies are fighters for their gods. Early in his career he was flagged by Army psychiatrists for being “too religious” and for believing that soldiers entering battle would be protected from harm if they prayed to god.

            In 1980 he was the Operational Officer for Operation Eagle Claw (the Tehran Embassy hostage rescue attempt) which history now knows was a dismal failure to do poor planning and equally poor execution. The 53 hostages in Tehran made it home a couple of years later but eight US servicemen died that night. According to Colonel Charles Beckwith (Commander of Delta Force), “ the assault plan was sketchy. Its chances for success were very slender indeed. The basic scenario looked very complicated. It also revealed that at this time the Armed Forces of the United States had neither the present resources nor the present capabilities to pull it off. “

            Okay, so everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and try again, right? Skip to 1989 when he was in charge of capturing Manuel Noriega during the US invasion of Panama. That didn’t go too well either as you may recall. Noriega sneaked past all of our troops and hid out in a church until he decided to surrender. The cost of Operation Nifty Package? 27 American lives, over 200 lives of Panamnian civilians, and untold millions of dollars. All this to catch the two-bit dictator of a banana republic? Great work General! OK, so maybe that didn’t quite go as planned. Jump to 1993 when he advised the feds on how to engage the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas. Yes, he was the one who suggested using the gas that exploded and killed all those people, including 20 children. Oopsie!

            Many would have walked away from that string of failures and found a new career but not Gen Boykin. He knows he’s on the side of god so he keeps going despite the miserable track record. Ever wondered what went wrong during the Battle of Mogadishu? Ask Boykin -- he’ll tell you. It was another miserable failure of American Special Forces and, once again, the general was a key player. 15 US Servicemen dead, 77 wounded, 1 taken prisoner. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Is it possible that a military officer who believes god is on his side and that god will protect his troops during battle may not be the best choice to lead military operations in the real world?

            Being overly confident is one of the worst mistakes a commander can make. It sets you up for underestimating enemy strength (Panama and Somalia), for lack of preparedness (Iran and Somalia), and for failure to realistically assess potential complications and to properly plan for contingencies (Waco, Iran, Panama, and Somalia). It reminds me of the Zulu Wars in South Africa when the Zulu fighters carrying spears charged the British soldiers who were armed with Gatling guns. The Zulus were slaughtered like pigs on a pig farm. Any why? Because the Zulu Shaman told them that magic spirits would protect them from their enemy’s bullets. In other words, they would win because “god was on their side”. Sound familiar?

            But I suppose the General must have his loyal fans so let’s assume (just for the sake of argument) that he actually was a good commander. What does that have to do with anything?

            Look, being a good commander on the battle field has very little to do with understanding modern day Marxist theories and has absolutely nothing to do with understanding the inner workings of the US economy. He comes off like a supposed “Leading Medical Doctor” selling snake oil on late night TV. And why would a doctor sell snake oil? That’s simple, because people love to buy it -- foolish people, ignorant people, and desperate people. People who want to believe the snake oil will work.

            Rather than take advice from Gen Boykin, I prefer the words of P.T. Barnum “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

    • Dobby says:

      Thanks for the information! I commented!

  19. Jeffrey says:

    There seems to be a total blackout of coverage of this incident in the MSM including Google News. If you do a search on Google you will find lots of stories but Calhoun isn’t even mentioned on the main page. A search on MSNBC yesterday turned up zero returns.

    • Jeff McQueen says:

      Obama has ordered a complete news blackout on Calhoun. Last I heard, it was at Level 4 meltdown. Air space is also restricted to prevent photos being leaked to press outside USA, which could end up back in USA.

      • Jeff McQueen says:

        Friends in Japan have told me Fukushima is a complete disaster and meltdown with nuclear material washing out into the ocean. Again, no news here, but folks all over Japan are discussing Fukushima.

  20. Bill says:

    A “two mile no fly zone”, great. But is there a two mile “no drive zone”? or “no walk zone”? or “no live zone!”

    • Jeff McQueen says:

      Fly zone restriction is to prevent photos from being taken, NOT for safety measures. Obama has order complete news blackout, which is why it is not reported anywhere.

  21. Random Stranger says:

    If you care to trust a random stranger, I can tell you that OPPD has provided accurate information. No radiation has been released. You can visit OPPDs website for information.

    A lot of people work at FCS and for the nuclear industry in general. Good people with families and children just like you. They live among you. If you can’t trust them then you have a lot to worry about.

    I can’t speak for the rest of the world, or for the US government, but these people are not out to get you.

  22. Jerry says:

    Hey Random, I no more trust the OPPD website than I do Japan’s Fukushima website -- the governments of both Japan and the US knew that the meltdown’s in Japan happened on the very first day -- and they spent weeks letting everything ‘leak’ out to the world in very small amounts and now there’s virtual news blackouts concerning the workers who are starting to die from overexposure.
    Plus, it isn’t anything personal, but I don’t know you from ‘shiola’ -- and the very fact that you’re wanting me to trust you when everything else I read says otherwise causes ‘red flags’ to go up against you -- sorry dude, but if I’m going to error, I’d rather be wrong about my ‘mistrust’ in the governments than to ‘trust’ and be wrong -- again!.

  23. Jerry says:

    One other throught Random, the people at OPPD may not be out to get me, but the big wigs there are in the same boat as the big wigs in Japan -- they’re out to save their own skin and their stockholders -- trust the leadership at OPPD? Not even on ‘your’ life… sorry dude… ain’t happening… Outside of Ron Paul and Jesus Christ, I know of no one else in any place of leadership I’d bet my life on in the “trust” department.

  24. David Sato says:

    Lie Lie Lie. It;s the american way. The illegitimate traitor president does it, the congress does it, the senate does it, the judicial system does it and what a sleaze group they are and the police force does it. Welcome to the peoples socialist republic of the dictatorship known as america. Sieg hail heir commandant. Get me out of this country.

    • Jeff McQueen says:

      Lies are not the American Way. Unfortunately, we have elected a Marxist President, who does not belong in the office. He is bent of destroying us financially in the hope the uneducated (or poorly educated elite) demand the same goverment fix the financial crisis it is creating.

      This crisis will not stop, and future ones will not be prevented until those responsible are tried in court and hung for TREASON.

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  26. mad ranger says:

    From the very beginning, as soon as it was obvious that the radioactive waste would be as insurmountable problem, all nuclear fission projects should have stopped.

  27. Al says:

    And Just Where Is Obama’s Transparency On This Issue? Does Someone Need To Put It On His Teleprompter, Golf Bag, Golf Score Card, A Banner Over The Entry Door Of Air Force One For Our Campaigner/Vacationer-In-Chief, Incompetent, Lying President?

    Where The Hell Is He And The U.S. News Media On This?

    Will Someone Enter A Motion To Impeach Him And His Administration Immediately Before He And They Totally Destroy What’s Left Of The USA?

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  30. Nuke Worker says:

    For those of you that prefer fear over education, do you have any idea what the first step in putting out an electrical fire is? Answer : de-energize the bus. So what if you have a room filled with smoke and you don’t know exactly which bus it is on fire? You start de-energizing any bus that might be the problem. If one of these buses also has the running pump that is cooling the spent fuel pool you will temporarily lose that also. Contrary to popular belief on is site, that doesn’t endanger the public because these pools are large enough to last a couple days before you even start to boil. Now if power was gone long enough to remotely start to look like it would reach that point one of the installed backup systems would be used to cool the pool, or worst case, a fire pump would be used to put river water into the pool to keep it full of water.

    How do I know this, because I was in the plant fighting the fire during this event.

    The river conditions had nothing to do with causing the fire, the loss of power to the pool, or our ability to restore cooling after the fire was out.

  31. Angela says:

    Thank you Nuke Worker! I live here in Omaha and am very worried about the situation.

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  33. JJ says:

    Isn’t this how MadMax movies start. Send the politicians to Thunderdome!!!

  34. Jimmy says:

    It’s really quite funny, not the nuke situation, but the “rational” clear thinkers against the “tin foil hatters”. Your rational world must be a calm, collected place where nothing ever gets outside the box. What comfort you must have in knowing that at least some of you are there to reel in the wild notions of any funny stuff going on behind the scenes. I mean, to think that any one person would ever plot to kill another person, how completely barbaric! It just does not happen! I am sure glad that superior minds are guiding us through these rough patches and keeping the lunatics in check. Elvis is always there to show them the idiocy of their thinking. Oh Bigfoot as well. Don’t get me started about 9/11/01, pffft, “Mythbusters” totally debunked that theory. We all know that television is never going to steer us wrong. Yeah, rational is always going to prevail. Those tin foil hatters just need to stop. If there were corruption, Mr Obama would put a stop to it. You can rationalize yourselves strait to hell, and that’s just what you’re doing. Trust no government, dismiss nothing until you personally look into it. I would much rather wear the hat because by the time you realize that quite a bit of this tin hat stuff has some truth to it, you’ll realize that you can’t say “I told you so” to anybody because you’re dead. You people think you are intellectual but I think you’re just in need of an excuse to not have to actually put an effort into finding out for yourself. The true lunatic is the one that calls anybody a lunatic. It makes them feel better about themselves, doesn’t it?

    • admin says:

      Strange comment. Case in point:

      I mean, to think that any one person would ever plot to kill another person, how completely barbaric! It just does not happen!

      If there were corruption, Mr Obama would put a stop to it.

      How would Usama bin Laden react to these statements?

    • YouAllMakeMeSad says:

      Hi Jimmy -- thanks for your reply. It’s nice to see that you’re back on your meds again.

      I really appreciate all of your powerful insight but I’d like to point out a couple of errors you have made:
      Error #1 -- I said nothing about “tin hats”. My comments were specifically about “aluminum foil hats”. I have nothing but the deepest and most profound respect for folks who wear tin hats. Those are the true protectors of liberty and freedom. Where would we be without those Tin Hat Wearin’ Patriots and their ability to find all the subversion and conspiracy that lurk in our midst? I shudder to think. I always wear a tin hat myself so I can keep the secret ex-soviet KGB mind ray from reprogramming my brain. I only mock aluminum hat wearers because everyone knows aluminum foil can’t block the KGB mind-ray, especially when the humidity is high. If we all wore properly constructed and conspiracy-theorist approved tin hats then Obama would never have been elected president. We could have all followed McCain and Palin down the path of prosperity and enlightenment instead of being stuck here in a scary world full of birth certificate forgers.

      Error # 2 – You accuse me of believing myself to be “an intellectual”. Well I am no such thing. I hate intellectuals to pieces. In fact, I think anyone with in degree in engineering should be shot on sight. The same goes for anyone who uses logic or who writes well. Those damned rational thinkers will lead us all to ruin. I hate the way they ask for evidence, the way they are suspicious of people who make wild claims that never seem to pan out. I especially hate the way they pick on aluminum hate wearers. Why can’t they just accept every new conspiracy theory de jour like you do? Are those clear thinkers just too lazy to type “911 military grade nano thermite” into to Google? Everything you need to know about 911 cover-ups is right at your fingertips. How dare they doubt things. Damned hippie-loving- tin-hat-mocking supposed intellectuals and all their clear thinking! I think we should lock them all up and force them to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Mike Savage. Everyone knows that AM radio is the last bastion of truth and liberty. Intellectuals make me sick. I’d much rather be like you, Jimmy. You’re always thinking outside the box and finding out things for yourself. You’re a great man Jimmy. We should all be like you – we should all be Jimmyectuals.

      My apologies to all of you who I called lunatics. As Jimmy has pointed out, it is I who must actually be the lunatic because only lunatics call other people lunatics. Once again Jimmy has managed, through keen insight on his part, to point out the true lunatic (me) hidden among all the false lunatics (all of you). Careful readers might note that I never actually called anyone a lunatic, but people who doubt Jimmy’s claims must not be wearing their tin hats so they can’t be trusted. I’m sure Jimmy, with his “out of the box” thinking must have some evidence or he wouldn’t have made that claim. Of course he can’t show us his evidence because secret agents from the NSA infiltrated this web server and erased it all. It must be tough to be Jimmy, but I glad someone is doing it.

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