North Carolina Civil War Sites Ditching Confederate gear

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans camps from Wilson and Rocky Mount are pictured at the Thompson family cemetery near Silver Lake during an annual gravesite cleanup held in honor of Pvt. Doctor Franklin Thompson of Wilson County in December 2017.

State officials say there was no marching order to yank Confederate battle flags from gift shop shelves at North Carolina’s Civil War battlefields, but they don’t deny reports of a gradual phase-out.

Michelle Walker, a spokeswoman for the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, said the agency overseeing state historic sites “does not currently have a written policy that addresses the issue of the sale of Confederate battle flag merchandise.”

The rebel banner is reportedly unavailable at several state-maintained sites, including the Bentonville Battlefield southeast of Four Oaks in Johnston County. Jake Sullivan, chief of staff for the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ North Carolina Division, said his group has received numerous reports that the merchandise is disappearing.


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4 Responses to North Carolina Civil War Sites Ditching Confederate gear

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    They can try all they want but I won’t stop flying mine -- in Maine -- Because I Can!

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  4. Paul B. says:

    Staff said privately that they are not allowed to sell the flags by themselves. There isn’t a “written policy” because if it was in writing there would be a harder backlash and they couldn’t hide the fact that they are revising history.The secretary’s office now requires any confederate flag merchandise to be bundled with a US flag too. Ask the people at the battleground in Bentonville.

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