North Carolina Gun Range Goes Up In Flames In Obvious Case Of Arson

Triad Active Shooters Klub Arson

The fire started around 4:33 a.m. on April 2nd, 2018 at Triad Action Shooters Klub on Fuller Mill road in Trinity NC.

Here’s the statement on the event and the evidence that was found from the club president

“There was arson at the TASK early Monday morning range. Three of the five covered firing points were completely destroyed. The remaining two had five one-gallon plastic containers of gasoline placed strategically next to the wooden posts that support the roof and under the piled up shooting benches. Two covered firing lines were not burned because the fuses to the gas failed.


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3 Responses to North Carolina Gun Range Goes Up In Flames In Obvious Case Of Arson

  1. Guy Sajer says:

    Thanks for the info — even though I live out west, it just makes me want to double down and work harder —- wasn’t planning on going to the range today but I think I will — re-check “zero’s” on weapons. Also start taking and introducing folks who don’t shoot out to the local range — The more they push the more (and harder) we push back —- keep pushing, just keep pushing. S/F

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  3. Bill says:

    lets see, this could be the work of the Marxist commie subversive groups antifa, black lives matter and the muslim commie brotherhood,all these extremist front groups work hand in hand for the democratic party and there deep staters.

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