North Korean web sites go dark after Anonymous hack


by Bill Gertz:

Websites in North Korea were shut down early on Thursday after the anarchist group Anonymous reported stealing secret data from the reclusive communist state on Pyongyang’s missile programs.

U.S. officials who monitor North Korean websites said despite the domestic shutdown, North Korean-run foreign websites and social media accounts appeared to be uninterrupted.

The disruption of the websites appears linked to claims by Anonymous on Tuesday that it had broken in to North Korean government sites and obtained secret documents on the North Korean missile program.

The North Koreans operate one of the largest missile manufacturing industries in Asia and build several types of short-range Scud missiles, a medium-range Nodong missile and long-range Taepodong-2 and mobile KN-08 missiles.

The hacker group has not published the documents so far, which likely are in Korean.


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