Not seen on the evening news …


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5 Responses to Not seen on the evening news …

  1. Bill says:

    there are thousands this cockroach hired into our government by this slime bag sodomite islamic, he has put over 500 hundred Islamic terrorists into our intelligence agencies and now they are all compromised by the negro piece of filth. So Trump is right on when he says our agencies our compromised.

  2. Timothy says:

    unfortunately after the shit is gone the stench still lingers !!!
    It will take a while to clean the Mess up !!!

    • Bill says:

      just think of this, Clapper, Brennan and that other piece of filth Jeh Johnson are all islamics, what should this tell us, so when i throw a number out like 500 you can bet that’s a good number. the islamic sodomite has embedded these terrorists into our government agencies and they have been selling and giving out all our intelligence to our enemies. All of these islamic pigs must be hanged as well as the traitor in the white house

  3. lon a follower says:

    Not seen on the evening news. We picked our poison?

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