Now What?

I don’t really want to, but I’m going to wade into the Richmond Rally debate again, due to the number of emails still asking me my thoughts.

How anyone can see what happened on the 20th in Richmond any other way than a WIN, is beyond me. If you haven’t been reading the comments on the WRSA thread here…. You’re missing out. It is very eye opening and worth your time. I may re-post some of their comments in their entirety later, but some have written books.

What are you to do when someone who you’ve read and have valued their opinions for a long time, turns out to be a total dick? You walk away, and sadly I’m walking away from many that have shown their true character over this rally debate.

One of the other Naysayers before the rally is still spewing his hatred and doubling down on stupid. It’s really sad and I can’t decide if overall the comments sound more like 3rd grade boys daring each other to go to a haunted house at Halloween (and making excuses for why they’re not really scared. It’s just that their Mom wants them home before dark), or 7th grade girls gathering their posse’s and talking trash about each other before engaging in an hysterical cat fight.

We are better than this.

The Left doesn’t engage in this kind of fruitless chatter. They follow Alinsky’s rules to the letter. Not saying it’s right, but they are winning. Perhaps we could learn a few things, and we sure are lacking in the organizational department.

What would the Left have done differently if this had been their rally?

1) They would have been organized beforehand. They would have formed an official committee just for this purpose. They would have had one official spokesperson that would have encapsulated the message into a memorable talking point that would have set the tone. Everyone who participated would be expected (and pressured) to follow the script. They also would have gotten the names and contact info of every attendee so they could keep in touch with emails and mobilize them in the future. They would have used this info to threaten the careers of unsupportive politicians.

2) They would have made the issue emotional and put their opponents on the defensive, “it’s for the children!”, so it would resonate with those on the fence. They would have found a single mother who saved her kids’ lives with a handgun or saved her own life from a rapist or a vicious ex. They would have turned politicians who push for gun control into monsters who only desire to see women victimized and murdered. They would have used a catch phrase such as: “2A Rights are Women’s Rights!” or “I am Pro-Choice for 2A”

3) They would have played up their minorities. There were several blacks in attendance. They disprove the narrative and should be front and center, NOT as tokens, but as an inconvenient truth the Left should be forced to deal with. Anti-2A politicians should be portrayed as the racist klansmen who don’t believe Black Lives Matter.

4) They would have connected with allies. The most powerful force the 2A movement has is sheriffs who refuse to comply and county legislators who are declaring 2A sanctuaries. These guys need to be treated like superstars in the movement.

5) They would demonize the anti 2A politicians. Everyone would know their names and they would be put on record with damning quotes. Their offices would be jammed with phone calls and visitors questioning why they are racist klansmen who don’t think children should be protected from bad guys.

But those of us on the Right don’t think or operate this way. We are like herding cats. And that’s why the Left runs circles around us.

The left are completely convinced they are on the side of truth and justice and we are thoroughly evil. As long as someone spouts the ideology (no matter how hypocritical they are in actuality) they are all comrades in arms.

Those Naysayers on the Right seem more convinced that they alone are the fount of all knowledge and common sense. Therefore anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest detail is an idiot.

This Civil War, and yes we are in a Civil War, requires us to win on many fronts. Was it a tactically smart thing going to Richmond on the 20th? Maybe not. Was it a political victory that helped our cause? Absolutely.


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29 Responses to Now What?

  1. Sam in KS says:

    I did not go…work, obligations and stuff. What stood out to me was the story of the guy who went and did the tourist thing, drove a hundred miles home and was met by LE. They had his face id’d by smart cameras. I believe they did this to everyone in attendance.

    Was the rally a victory? Well the legislature passed red flag laws two days later, along party lines. There will be a lot of 4 am no-knock warrants down the line I fear. The left will win by the thousand paper cuts method…or declaring martial law from a pandemic. 10 million Patriots would still lose to the deep state. Hard to fight when you are sick, hungry, or quarantined.

    All that being said, there are still “good” hills to die on. Defense of Constitutional and biblical principles is the big one.

    • Tom says:

      This is SOP for states with tyranny minded .gov at this point. I once drove a ways to hear MikeV speak at a rally. Didn’t get out of my neighborhood before a squaddie dropped in behind me, then I picked up a statie or three on the highway for the rest of the ride there. I assume subsequent low slow flybys over my home from a black helicopter with all the elint/video gear below wasn’t to see my raised box gardens. The gardens did quite well that year, the beet crop and brussels went nutz, great year. And i’m nobody important. Welcome to the party everyone, big brother is already deep into this stuff. Learn to embrace it. The did the same thing to the paddies in NI and those guys managed. We can do the same. Appreciate your efforts here at NC Ren. Thank you.

  2. Damocles says:

    Very well said Wes.

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  4. 173dVietVet says:

    Wes -- -- I completely agree with all you propose.

    I sent this to my Army buddies two days ago and noted that it tracks your ideas closely:

    What needs to happen next is to capitalize on the momentum and good optics from the Rally by local groups forming militias under the authority and control of the Sheriff. Some Sheriffs have already made statements to that effect, but now the deputizing and training of the local constabulary is what is needed. Activity sustains and breeds momentum.

    I suspect few Libtard elected representatives/senators have been swayed. But demonstrations at their places of business, neighborhoods and slurring them publicly where they live will go a long way to stopping any further gun grabbing laws from being passed. The Dying Elephant RINO Repubs who are in charge need to be overthrown and replaced by those who focus on organizing to remove Northam and any who dare to attack 2nd Amendment rights.

    This pushback against gun grabbers is the premier issue that will unite blacks and whites and dovetails with resistance to the illegal sanctuary locales.

    Usually the Republican feckless leadership announces a big victory, whether it is or not, and then rests on their self-deemed laurels. I hope that Virginia patriots will not let this one have the same fate.

    One guy’s opinion….

    Found this today and suggest all Patriots read it:

    Describes how we can organize and how to plan for upcoming unforeseen events. Excellent primer on growing our Patriot movement !!

  5. Sovereign Ag says:

    I, like others, are very concerned about losing our God given rights in totality. The people have waited too long to act so now they have come after our inherent rights to defend ourselves, by violating the 2nd amendment, which secures and protects these rights. The pen is mightier than the sword and our founders were very clear about this.The colonists wrote many documents and letters to the British demanding a redress of their grievances, and it was only when this option was exhausted, and they came to confiscate their weapons that they had no choice but to engage physically. The American people have never done this. Instead of waving their weapons, the people should be using the pen to hold our public servants accountable, and remove them from office. I am contacting you since you have a large following. We as a people are out of time, and we need massive amounts of people to wake up, educate themselves and take legal and lawful action. Trump was miraculously put in office to give us time to dig ourselves out of the hole we placed ourselves in through our apathy, ignorance and arrogance. The people, instead of using this time wisely, have squandered it, and are still not educating themselves and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as American citizens who claim and exercise all their God given rights.

    My question is, if there is a revolutionary war, what happens after if the people have no idea what their rights and responsibilities are and have never upheld them or demanded they be upheld and protected? Does it matter who “wins”? Our grievances which should have been addressed a hundred years ago, should and must be demanded first in the appropriate manner. No one wants bloodshed, especially when there is a simple solution. Our founders understood how corrupt humanity was, so, inspired by God and Nature’s Law gave us the foundation for a people to flourish and prosper, so long as they remained vigilant, informed,hard working, virtuous and intelligent. The people would be free so long as they honored and respected themselves, God and others. You can look at our founding documents as a covenant so to speak, a trust in which we chose to organize a union of states and peoples to come together for mutual benefit. As we can see now, and should have realized a long time ago, any deviation to this plan leads to destruction. This is a wake up call, and we have been given Divine dispensation, time to undo the damage which has been done. If we refuse to learn and change, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    There is a simple remedy which is provided by our divinely inspired founders. It is sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment. All public servants who violate their oath can and should be removed from office. The sheriffs have full jurisdiction and authority to answer the criminal complaints of the people and arrest and remove them from office. No courts or trials involved. Let me explain further and educate everyone who was given a public education of indoctrination and lied to about the Law.

    All public officers, federal and state, and virtually all government employees, have taken oaths to support and defend the Constitution(s) and are required by law to abide by their oaths in the performance of their official duties. There is no discretion for any oath taker to oppose, violate and perjure their oath. No oath taker has the constitutional--or any other form of valid authority--to oppose the very document(s) to which they swore or affirmed their oath. The oath is a binding contract to the people given in exchange for the Public Trust.

    Pursuant to rights secured in the Constitution(s) and due process of law, American Citizens, can EXPECT their public officers to abide by their oaths in the performance of their official duties. This is a constitutional guarantee to the people. When public officers do not abide by their oaths, step outside the lawful scope of their LIMITED duties and authority, delegated to them by the people through the Constitution(s), violate their oaths, the Constitution(s), the people’s secured rights and due process of law, then, the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment to the National Constitution provide specific remedy for the people.

    Anytime public servants violate Rights guaranteed to Citizens in the Constitutions, they act outside the scope of their limited delegated duties and authority, thus, by their own actions, invoke the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment; thereby vacate their offices and forfeit all benefits thereof, including salaries and pensions. They are accountable and liable to the People for their unconstitutional actions and failures, and the People have the authority to hold them fully responsible and liable for their unlawful actions.

    Are you waiting for more? That is it. Write out your grievances, send them to your county sheriff, as well as all public servants and demand they uphold their oath or step down. There are many honorable people who already do this, and have received personal results, but more people are needed to step up and legally and lawfully express their voice nationwide or we shall completely lose our freedom, honor and lives. This is how our Republic, which belongs to the people, with government merely servants who must do the bidding of their masters, functions. It is past time to take it back. Get together with others and help each other write and then submit these demands and pray it is not too late, and then educate yourselves and others and refuse to comply with any law that is unconstitutional. There are many sources who can assist you to do this successfully and lawfully. The national liberty alliance has a great pamphlet which succinctly explains the duties and responsibilities of the county sheriff, who has the highest jurisdiction and authority in the county, even over the feds. Include this in your letter and educate them as well, for they have suffered the same lies and public education system as you.

    This is also important for everyone to read and educate themselves with so we can take back our Republic. The county sheriff must be held to their oath so they can arrest all traitors via the 14th amendment. If they refuse, they are guilty of treason as well.

    Winston Churchill said “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

  6. Papa says:

    Amen to all that.
    Walk away from them.
    Beware of others in the future.
    What was the reason for the division?
    Two guys, different approaches, same objective. Why?

  7. Even a sales tax on guns is an infringement!

  8. Citizen says:

    Someone wrote, :”Was the rally a victory? Well the legislature passed red flag laws two days later, along party lines.” Not entirely correct, at least not yet. A red flag bill passed the Senate; that doesn’t mean it’s been passed and signed into law. Along the way, a few good amendments were made (though it’s still onerous). That bill will now go through House committee and full House. Patience, grasshoppers, let us not imagine we see defeat, or see uselessness in our actions to date. Yes, the anti-2A party is still in majority in both chambers, but some legislators are feeling the heat. We only need to sway a few of them. Maybe we will and maybe we won’t (I’m not optimistic), BUT WE MUST TRY. So that if things go to hell, all will know we tried the peaceful means and methods. 70-plus bad bills have been introduced, but some have since been withdrawn by their patrons (though most remain in play). Organizations (VCDL, GOA, NRA) and individuals continue to contact legislators and appear and speak at subcommittee and committee meetings. It’s a process. We must never ever ever give up, never ever ever stop fighting for the right.
    The 2A Lobby Day was a victory for a host of reasons. The leftest administration tried to intimidate and frighten people (as did the nay-sayers and fear-mongerers on the right) but we came anyway. It was cold yet people still came. It was unsettling, even creepy, to have a gazillion cops, to be herded and searched, to be unarmed and penned like livestock, with snipers watching from atop buildings. But we came anyway. And we were surrounded by many more thousands of 2A supporters who were armed. It was peaceful, not violent. It was huge. We won the optics. The other side lost. I think it scared the beans out them that we came, that thousands would risk being disarmed yet still came, that thousands more came armed. Any plan the other side may have had about starting violence -- -- well, I think they abandoned any such notion in the face of thousands of brave people that were willing to face down oppressive government. If violence had broken out it could have been a horrible bloodbath. But the pro-2A people, vast in numbers, could have then successful stormed the governor’s mansion, the capitol and general assembly buildings, and arrested every damn one of them. I’m positive they thought of this, and it restrained them, at least for that day, that event. As the struggle at the General Assembly continues, around the state people who never considered actively resisting the government are doing so now. More people are contemplating militias, making plans, preparing, considering what-ifs. The rally -- -- the 2A Lobby Day -- -- was an enormous success: It helped us grow a spine.

  9. Matt says:

    Every swinging dick that claims authority only gets away with it because people are willing to comply, possibly because they’ve been trained since birth to believe in authority. It’s not real.

    Start making the price of tyranny ultimate and watch how fast those stupid badges and other symbols of “officialdom” get turned in and the tyrants go home.

  10. a follower says:

    i do like and appreciate the article. we are all (many) Individuals, and do not need, nor appreciate being treated or herded like cats.
    Also, the event was a win, and Epstein did not kill himself.

  11. a follower says:

    Defy, Resist, evade,

    • Papa says:

      Men like Vanderboegh, and Cooper, didn’t hide in the shadows or sidelines.
      And, they had people come out to gatherings to hear them speak.
      Now, we fear and cower to gather in public.

      • David says:

        Do you remember the backlash against Vanderboegh when he suggested throwing rocks through windows?

        • a follower says:

          i do not, can you refresh our memories.
          After Mike passed away, i remember an article, here or on WRSA of a prominent member that left what was left of the 3% .
          i believe because of the extremist within the group. i have had no luck finding this article.

  12. Matt Bracken says:

    Charley Waite: “Matt Bracken was a voice I respected and his backtracking rather than admitting that it turned out different has been very disappointing also.”

    I think my warnings worked on both sides. Folks attending did so with eyes wide open, and LE was also made very aware of how badly it could turn out if misteps were made. That’s why I included the Twin Peaks TX example. In the end, the temp fences went up (as I predicted), and the ROE were made explicit in advance, and were not changed, avoiding a C-ville outcome. (No guns inside the fence, guns okay outside, no demands by LE for demonstrators to vacate or change venues at the last minute, etc.

    Basically I laid out the risks in advance. So when the revolver went click instead of bang, this time, now I’m a moron and you’re all geniuses. Fine. So what. I can handle it.

    • David says:

      I have been called a genius throughout my life. But life has taught me that everyone makes mistakes, including me. It is a humbling experience that I believe is a message from the Lord to not be arrogant. This is not pointed at Matt Bracken, it is pointed at everyone.

    • lawless says:

      What you intended wasn’t lost on everyone. Keep doing what you do.

    • a follower says:

      Do not let them bring you down to their level.

    • Noway2 says:

      Your warning that the 1/20/20 event could become a “buffalo jump” was not lost on everyone. For all of the loudmouth keyboard commandos there are 10 or more people who don’t spew off but digest what you said and discuss it behind closed doors. Your writing had influence, both positive and negative, that you don’t see. It is also entirely possible that you are correct that raising these issues publicly had an impact and may have helped prevent things from going sideways by getting people to consider it as a serious proposition.

      Some of us, like me and others who are responding in these blogs talked about going, planned to go, and weighed the risks versus reward. Some people still went, some did not. Some saw the value in making a moral statement even if it wasn’t going to stop the coming storm. Others saw too much risk for something that had zero chance of working.

      Still, the idea or arguments being made on BOTH sides: that either your not committed because you didn’t attend this event or you’re stupid because you did are both WRONG. We all have a part to play but it doesn’t mean we need to line up like lemmings.

      Ultimately this was a win, a moral victory, and in no small part due to luck. Next time luck might go the other way. Better planning to achieve both tactics and strategy is required.

      My last comment is directed towards you, Matt, and I hope you are either checking in or have this thread set to get your replies. Referring to your other post directed at Wes, which was deleted (see the comment elsewhere by David as to why those types of comments won’t be allowed) my comment to you is: you’re an eloquent writer. Don’t let comments on the Internet get to you to where you lash out like that. Yes, your message was being criticized, so think critically as to why and respond on point. As I said above, people are being influenced and talking behind closed doors. Don’t be an Aesop.

  13. wtzullo says:

    We are like herding cats.

    Almost, but not quite. More like A herd of cats, with each cat in the herd trying to herd another herd of cats, and each one using a herd of cats to do the herding.

  14. 15Fixer says:

    Another perspective has occurred to me….. Doolittle’s raiders was hastily planned, undoubtedly some flaws and situations they couldn’t foresee, but they did it. It WAS a moderate success because it took the Imperial Japanese staff down a peg or two. The Son Tay Raid was meticulously planned, rehearsed, and executed. A good shot-in-the-arm morale-wise, but it wasn’t quite the rousing success it was hoped to be. OVERLORD was planned ad infinitum, replanned, fine-tuned, modified, and STILL had a chance of failure. Can I call Richmond a success? Yes, because VCDL did their lobbying, as they have for years. Yes, because no one was killed. Would I recommend MORE and BETTER planning IF this is to be done in the future? Ab-so-fricking-lutely!!!! You can win an occasional hasty-battle but they can’t ALL be won that way. Bracken and Aesop would head up my planning team, if I had one, because they know how to plan, why to plan, what to plan, and that failure comes from lack of planning. “Desert-One” in Iran ring a bell? So…. here’s a possible template for future planning…..

    • Papa says:

      Great reminder about the Doolittle Raid.
      A one way mission, with limited targets and damage inflicted.
      Great effort put into a raid with unknown success, and the aircraft crews knowing an uncertain raid completion/landing awaited.
      They did it anyways.
      Different type of Man compared to nowdays.
      They had better backbone and guts back then.

  15. a follower says:

    From the article- “What are you to do when someone who you’ve read and have valued their opinions for a long time, turns out to be a total dick? You walk away, and sadly I’m walking away from many that have shown their true character over this rally debate.

    One of the other Naysayers before the rally is still spewing his hatred and doubling down on stupid. It’s really sad and I can’t decide if overall the comments sound more like 3rd grade boys daring each other to go to a haunted house at Halloween (and making excuses for why they’re not really scared. It’s just that their Mom wants them home before dark), or 7th grade girls gathering their posse’s and talking trash about each other before engaging in an hysterical cat fight.
    “We are better than this.”

    we are all ‘to be’ better than this? we are works in progress?
    Some of this has been brought to my mind also, throughout the last few years. As far as giving up and walking away from people, especially people we may have looked to for advice etc. Brothers? We are not to idolize them( if that is what is going on.
    i do not give up easily. we are not perfect and it is time too see none of are. i have noticed several”Christians” throughout these years who will spout a few things and throw the ‘shake the sand from their sandals verse at a person (conversation) and then bail! Is that who we are? Is that who we wish to be?
    Do not dismiss the power of Prayer, and what happened in Virginia. As many peoples prayers for peace were answered , some people had to be wrong. We are all to take our punches as they come, humble ourselves as need be and carry on. There is no doubt the Enemy within many, desires and needs (feeds of of hatred) and violence. Inevitable did not come this day! There must be more work to do?
    Do not be so quick to bail out on each other as brothers, all of us could use a few arrows of Truth to break through our armour.
    Wes, is right also to point out the ‘childishness’ of our selves and of each other. If we cannot admit our wrongs while seeing the wrongs of everyone else, we have a problem.
    We are to forgive. It seems the world has forgotten this to a great degree, and yes i know each particular situation is to itself, and should each be considered. Jesus came to save the world, ‘The whole World’ (we know many will refuse) and yet we behaving childish have forgotten these simple Truths. We are to be like children of God, not childish!

    As far as a leader and Teacher, i have mine, i do not need to be pushed,or herded like cats nor like buffalo. we can discern from many and still retain our individuality.
    ‘If ‘ and when we are called to group up, ‘If it is by His Will, we will!
    i have more and yet i had better stop there.

  16. a follower says:

    My concern is we are all being driven to the “Bufalo jump” it is on a much larger scale than many of us realise.
    Words matter, how we interact matters. Until we wake up and see the Light of God,
    The Flame of God
    and his Ultimate Teachings of Truth and are humbled, we are getting closer to the edge that ‘the world is pushing us too.

  17. Papa says:

    Regardless if the revolver clicked or went bang, the lobby effort, rally, gathering, in Virginia needed to be done.
    Shame on those who divided, and discouraged others, from going.
    It’s a whitewash to call the created division “warnings” and “laying out risks”.
    Why are certain recent internet “patriot gurus” placed high on the pedestal?

    • a follower says:

      Good question, why are certain Gurus placed high on the pedestal? Something to think on?
      Here is the thing about division.
      Lies divide yet Truth also divides. Where does hatred and fear come in?
      Which is the greater?

      • a follower says:

        Also not one of you think it could have been a trap? Not one of you think a warning should have been issued?
        i would rather know the warnings and still make my decisions fully aware of what may happen.

      • Papa says:

        I think in the age of world wide web, it’s easier to funnel peoples minds to certain gurus. That’s a whole subject to discuss, the why and how the funnel is operated.
        People are subtly routed and molded with their black screens, the phone and computer.
        And, placing them on a pedestal is a form of worship and idolatry.
        We have the ability to discern when Lies or Truth cause division.
        We recently witnessed Lies causing division.
        Don’t enable or be co-dependent to narcissistic leaders and voices, dividers, or liars.

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