Obama at Prayer Breakfast Speech| People Committed Terrible Deeds in Name of Christ During Crusades

I had to calm down before posting this video. By now, sentient Americans have heard this attack on Christianity by your Muslim pResident. We were warned by our founding fathers that domestic enemies will pose a serious threat to our country. We are now living (and dying) in that time. I had little respect for our government prior to this statement. I now have none.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to Obama at Prayer Breakfast Speech| People Committed Terrible Deeds in Name of Christ During Crusades

  1. Rich says:

    20 years with converted muslim Jeremiah Wright surfaces..

    Barry has gone beyond lies to rewrite history by blaming christianity….

    What he is saying shows up NOWHERE in the bible but it is what the Koran is all about..

    This is the muslim way of promoting islam and ‘world religion’ so to eliminate
    Jesus Christ (God in the flesh)

  2. Hillbilly says:

    May God bless those of you who can communicate on this subject without the use of profanities…
    I can not…

  3. AWB says:

    Farrakhan couldn’t have said it any better. Usama preaching to the heretics.

    Where’s the in-flight vomit bag?

  4. J Marshalek says:

    Our new Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf, an academic, just chose a man who just finished becoming a woman, to be Physician General. He/she was a professor in Penn State College of Medicine, specializing in eating disorders and child psychology.

    This is where our nation is headed, the wise of this world leading the people into the pit. There is only one way, Jesus Christ.

  5. Daniel says:

    I get it that you’re offended, but what did he say that isn’t true? If honest, we have to admit Christianity put the practice of burning people at the stake on the map and raised it almost to an art form. Who got burnt? Christian heretics who believed a flavor different from those holding the lit torch, and witches of course. The Bible tells us G_d (it’s more spiritual if you leave the “o” out) is very down on witches and witchcraft, if you remember. Let’s keep all this in mind when getting outraged at ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot to death.

    Homework assignment questions:
    1) What did St Cyril do to Hypatia in Alexandria and why? Extra credit if you notice what the Christian mob did to what was left of the Library of Alexandria after they finished with Hypatia.

    2) What did Calvin do to Servetus in Geneva and why? Extra credit if you notice that also burned were Servetus’ medical papers that were the most advanced understanding of the human circulatory system to date.

    3) What happened to the Huguenots and why?

    4) What happened to you during the first thousand years of Christianity if you said the earth was round? Hint: You’ll be very hot.


    • David says:

      I understand the atrocities that have been committed by the Catholic and Christian churches in the past. Does anyone want to compare the atrocities of ISIS committed now with atrocities committed over 500 years ago?

      Let’s get real: ISIS is using terror to achieve their goals. So what is the pResident doing? I had best stop before my blood boils over.

      • Daniel says:

        Ah, the “we haven’t done it lately” defense. Believe me, I’m no Obama lover, but his move was brilliant. In a couple of factually correct sentences he got his enemies so furious they can’t see anything else. Perfect distraction…

        • David says:

          No. I will not accept responsibility for the actions of others. I do not believe he is brilliant: only arrogant. I do not consider him worthy enough to be an enemy. I also am not distracted.

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