Obama Hands Syria Over to Russia and Iran

Why would Obama hand Syria over to Russia and Iran? Without any recompense? The answer is simple: Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood in the Syrian Civil War. The establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate is one of the president’s top objectives: just ask Israel. The problem was that Al Qaeda infiltrated the rebels and were poised to take control of Syria’s massive stores of weapons of mass destruction. The national security fiasco that this would cause in an election year made Obama very flexible. So flexible that Putin is one very happy comrade. As for Israel, not so much.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is currently being taken to the woodshed in Turkey by Putin’s newest flunky ally: Erdogan.

David DeGerolamo

New Annan proposal puts the Syrian crisis in Iranian and Russian hands

The Syrian connection
Israel remains dormant despite the serious consequences to its strategic and security situation threatened by the new proposal the UN-Arab League envoy for Syria Kofi Annan is to present to the UN Thursday, June 7, for saving his peace plan. The nub of his proposal, DEBKAfile’s sources disclose, is the creation of a “contact group” for handling the hot Syrian potato. It is to be composed of the five permanent Security Council members (US, UK, France, Russia and China) plus Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The proposal has won the blessing of the Obama administration, meaning its consent to letting the two powers that will dominate the contact group, Russia and Iran, determine the course and outcome of the Syrian crisis.

Washington believes that only they have the clout in the Syrian army for bringing about Bashar Assad’s removal and his replacement in Damascus by a provisional military regime. Washington also hopes, according to our sources, that this gesture will give Moscow a strong incentive to lean hard on Tehran for concessions at the next round of its talk with the six world powers on June 13.
Neither Iran nor Moscow have promised the US anything of the sort, but the administration hopes Iran will start being forthcoming on its nuclear program after being permitted to assume a central role in Damascus.

There is less optimism outside administration circles and in Israel. They expect from Tehran nothing more at the next round of talks than token nuclear concessions, and none at all toward curtailing its work on a nuclear weapon. However the Obama administration appears to have opted for this course, even though it is the first time since the outbreak of the Arab Revolt in December 2010 that the United States is willing to let go of a major Middle East crisis and allow its foremost Middle East rivals, Moscow and Tehran, to take charge.

DEBKAfile reported exclusively on May 31, that President Barack Obama had proposed to President Vladimir Putin the creation of a large force of 5,000 international monitors for Syria, most of them Russians, to safeguard Assad’s stock of biological and chemical weapons against falling into the hands of al Qaeda or Syrian rebels. This team consisting of thousands of Russian troops would be the operational arm of the future “contact group.”


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  1. Roger says:

    Looks like the betrayer in chief is leaving the fox to guard the hen house again. Is this what he was whispering in Putin’s ear about? Are his muslim ties approving this move? Who is getting hung out to dry again by our betrayer in chief? Israel. Who’s hand is on the silver handle getting ready for the flush?

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