Obama Is Going Down

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5 Responses to Obama Is Going Down

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    “Obama Is Going Down” On whom THIS time? Soros?

  2. Comrade Obama says:

    Of course he is. Just ask the clientele at Man’s World.

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  4. oldtimer505 says:

    If the past is any reflection of the future I would say that O-bummer is not going anywhere. The pronoun people will protect and defend him just as they have done in the past.

  5. Daniel Salmon says:

    I wish for the good of the nation that this man is prosecuted and imprisoned or exiled for the felonies he committed. Mostly because he tried to ruin my country. But I don’t believe it will happen out of fear of civil unrest from the left. And they simply don’t have the testicles in D.C. to do it. Even Trey Goudy has defected. America’s justice system is dead and gone, dead from greed and communist rot. It’s up to us now, how much is enough, when do we get serious and organize. The arms are in place. But solidarity and commitment are waiting to happen. If it be His will may the Lord teacheth our hands to war.

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