Obama Pals Crafted Disastrous Fed Health Exchange Website

The heavily touted online federal healthcare exchange (Healthcare.gov) that got off to a disastrous start today was designed by a team made up entirely of Obama minions, including the design manager for the president’s 2008 campaign and the White House Deputy Director of New Media.

The expert team of Obama pals has been designing the bilingual website for months and it’s supposed to be the centerpiece of the new healthcare law, serving as an essential tool that will guide millions of Americans through the rigorous process of choosing insurance. Its appearance and modern technology are not commonly seen in most federal government websites, so it definitely sticks out though it’s not even working properly.  In fact the Spanish page isn’t functioning at all, delivering a message that says “lo sentimos, no podemos encontrar la página (Sorry, we can’t find the page).”

The English page isn’t all that efficient either, according to numerous news reports on this the first day of Obamacare. One mainstream newspaper says that the online insurance marketplaces created by President Obama’s healthcare law got off to a bumpy start as some consumers were kicked off web portals and several states reported glitches that slowed enrollment on the first day Americans were supposed to be able to sign up for coverage. In other instances the website simply froze when consumers tried to create accounts.


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