Obama Reveals Contempt For Women

christian mercenary

by T.L. Davis

It is not often that a leftist liberal reveals their true feelings, which are typically held in check by the cocoon of deception they are most comfortable with, so it was startling to hear Barack Obama denigrate women with such openness. In a response to a question concerning the debate as to whether the United States should allow Syrian refugees into the country, Barack Obama mocked Republicans by stating that they were afraid of widows and orphans. He said: “Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America…”

Of course, it is Barack Obama’s deceptive nature to portray the Syrian refugees as widows and orphans, though 76 percent of the refugees are young, military-age single men, or about 97 percent of all jihadists across the globe. But, in his effort to portray Republicans as scared little children themselves, he unwittingly admitted that he did not consider women capable of the sort of organization and dedication it would take to pull off an organized attack.

To Barack Obama, women are meek, incompetent rubes. They are defenseless and incapable of providing for their own, but are in need of government coddling, assistance and direction. While he considers men a concern in the battle for Islamic supremacy, he sees no threat from women at all.


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