Obama Seeks $2B for ‘Urgent’ Border Crisis

$2 billion divided by 50,000 children = $40,000 per child. That is enough for food, clothes and college.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Obama Seeks $2B for ‘Urgent’ Border Crisis

  1. cav medic says:

    Again, I must reiterate, the current fabricated crisis of a tidal
    wave of illegal immigration is a lead up to blanket amnesty
    by the end of this summer. I am extremely distressed by this, as
    I believe that many who should know better and be
    organizing and responding accordingly are not. Far too many, are
    buying into the propaganda that the crisis is mainly of illegal child immigration.
    It is not.
    I agree, the MSM has intentionally blacked out coverage of what is happening along the southern border.
    However, I am seeing plenty of coverage on various cable networks in my service area.
    Having said that, it is necessary to reveal that my service area is deep behind enemy lines, in the communist dictatorship of New England.
    Furthermore, if it were not for a family friend that works for TW cable, and supports the cause by providing me with free service(shhhh), I certainly would not be able to afford cable television service, let alone internet service.
    Yes, 99.5% of it is garbage, but it’s a necessary evil required to keep up with enemy comm’s.
    It’s a disgrace, but in my AO we have Al Jazeera America and CCTV (China Central Televison) broadcasting from Beijing, along with the spanish language channel Univision.
    They are constantly reporting on the southern border, and regularly showing numerous Greyhound stations throughout Texas, Arizona and the southwest packed with illegal immigrants(men, women, children), lined up fifty and sixty deep at ticket counters waiting for free passage throughout the US.
    The coverage of these channels reveals that Greyhound Bus Lines is intentionally complicit (criminally) in aiding the federal government, with the crime of massive illegal immigration.
    This is a make or break moment, and our focus is
    off centered and scatterbrained.
    I really don’t know what else to add, without sounding
    like even more of a defeatist asshole.

  2. LibertyChick says:

    When Reagan was in office he he created the Rex 84 program to build concentration camps in the case of a massive flooding of our boarders by illegal aliens -- they could be rounded up, placed there til deportation. Those initial camps have been added to over the years to where there are now over 600 of them.

    Why aren’t they being used for the purpose intended? And what will that new purpose be? Who will end up in them? All white people? All black people? All Republicans? All people who oppose the Communizing of America? All people over the age of 45 considered no longer to be relevant for reproducing and hard labor required of the serfs we will become under Agenda 21?




    Film: Soylent Green -- “The scoops are coming!”

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