Obama – Something Fundamental in America Has to Change

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2 Responses to Obama – Something Fundamental in America Has to Change

  1. tensmiths says:

    and they are very careful to call it “gun violence regulation” and not simply “gun regulation”. you’re not against violence are you? see how that works when all you have is words and no logic. anybody that’s practiced even a little can tell you the difference between a single 30 round magazine and three 10 round magazines is about five seconds. in a gun free environment that’s not significant.

  2. fedup says:

    o’bama and all the other black leaders are silent when it comes to gang violence. Chicago has almost 500 gang related deaths in 2012 and not one word was mentioned about it in the media. Let’s conduct a house to house in the gettos of America and get all of the gangs guns, illeagle guns, felons guns and and other illeagle gun held in the city. The country is doing just fine. How about deaths of inocent women and children attributed to the o’bama drones. How many sides of this mans face are visible at any one time?

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