Obama You Idiot…Sequester Takes Away All My Sons’ Military Active Duty Tuition Assistance

Just heard this morning from one of my 3 sons currently serving that the Obama administration has decided to cut all tuition assistance to active duty military.  Why is it that those that stand up and risk life and limb for this country are treated the worst by this president?  The military make very little money, live in humble housing, sacrifice time with family and friends to go at a moment’s notice to the call of duty to this country, and yet are expected to sacrifice even more by losing one of their few benefits they do have access to.

This is so wrong and my anger is great right now! They already have been cutting hours and jobs for military spouses but that isn’t enough pain for Obama to inflict!  He is evil in my eyes!  He knows exactly what he is doing with these cuts!  He thinks all of us country-loving, flag-waving, military-supporting conservative Americans will call our politicians and tell them to surrender and give Obama what he wants – more of our hard-earned money in the form of more taxes!  He is so wrong there!  I say stay strong men and women of the military and don’t let this useless excuse of a president intimidate you!  We are behind you and know you are stronger than this weak yellow-bellied coward sitting in the White House! I know there are others that feel the same way and we will find every way possible to support our sons and daughters in uniform!

Mrs. Right III – Proud Military Mama

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6 Responses to Obama You Idiot…Sequester Takes Away All My Sons’ Military Active Duty Tuition Assistance

  1. ncgirl says:

    Obama’s actions of cutting of these poor soldier’s tuition sounds like what a child schoolyard bully would do! He got mad because not everyone wanted to play his sequestration game, so he’s abusing the soldiers to get to us. HOW DESPICABLE!

  2. emdfl says:

    You certainly don’t expect the commie-in-chief and the wookie to give up their next vacation(s)?

  3. rogerunited says:

    When you depend on somebody else to finance your education, you’re at their mercy.

  4. dodgeram says:

    When you make a promise to the American people who risk their lives, you should probably be man enough to keep that promise. Also, we shouldn’t be at their “mercy”! How about when you depend on other people to fight the wars and protect the country…should you be at their “mercy”..?

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  6. This only takes away their tuition assistance while on active duty. It does not take their educational benefits once they leave the military through the Montgomery GI Bill. The tuition assistance is an educational benefit that allows them extra money to go to school ON TOP of the GI Bill they have when they leave military service, without having to touch their original GI Bill money. This will save taxpayers quite a bit of money. But, if Obama is going to save the country this money, it should not be spent away as he has the habit of doing. And yes, I have 19 years of military service, so I’m not talking off the top of my head. I do know what I’m talking about.

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