Obama’s Point Man in Ukraine

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3 Responses to Obama’s Point Man in Ukraine

  1. Vincent Cappelletti says:

    And absolutely nothing will come of it, because the the “SWAMP” holds all the strings, and they now how to pull them. Sad situation for America

  2. jfjfjfjj says:

    Hunter Biden is a black sheep, and obviously took advantage of Ukrain’s desperate situation to profit off his father’s name. But what did Joe Biden do wrong? Glenn Beck fools his fans the usual way: use a sarcastic “I know better” tone to do nothing more than INSINUATE while actually proving nothing. Pathetic video. Listen to the other side.

    • David says:

      Pathetic video as stated by someone who will not even put his name down on the comment. What did Joe Biden do wrong? He pressured a foreign government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s activities using a billion dollars in taxpayers’ money for the leverage. What is the other side since Biden admitted his actions?

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