Observations and Frustrations From A Friend

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The following was emailed to me from a friend who wishes to remain Anonymous.

The election is stolen and the controlla virus is being used to see exactly who is going to obey the Communist. In the last couple of weeks, I traveled from Atlanta to Hampton Roads for work and it amazes me. People have literally lost their minds. I see these dumb ass people in the cars, alone, and they have a mask on. I see the looks that I get from folks, because I do not wear a mask. People wake up! The contagion and death rates for Covid 19 are much lower than the common flu that the United States has every year.

People will say, “well, they say you have to wear a mask.”  To quote a line from the Wild Bunch; “they, who in the hell is they?” A governor or a president  who spouts out mandates are tyrants. A mandate is a suggestion and not a law. I chose not to listen to the suggestion because I am my own man, a free man. The folks who try to enforce such bullshit are useful idiots, and should not be listened to. Then the sheeple say that they are just doing their jobs. I guess that the SS Totenkopfverbände (German Concentration Camp Guards) were just doing their jobs when they “eased” the folks into the cattle cars or the gas chambers? Stand up, be a man, SAY No. You remember Nancy’s slogan, “JUST SAY NO”. 

I hear folks tell me how they would never go for gun control and they are not sheeple, they are a man’s man. Bullshit! If you will do something as simple as wear a mask because you were told to, then you will give up your weapons and tell on your neighbors when the hard times really get here. In fact, they will take and turn in their weapons when they get in line for their vaccination and vaccination identifier card. 

The folks you think you know and can trust, you should reevaluate! If they will wear a mask, they will not stand up to the man and can not be counted on when the really hard times get on us!


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  1. Don says:

    I disagree with your friend’s conclusion. I wear a mask when I am out because (1) we have moved my 96-year-old mother into our home (from assisted living that had China Flu) and (2) I rather like walking past the facial recognition cameras wearing the mask, a cap, and my sunglasses. I told my wife I might let my hair grow to my college length to cover my ears. It would be fatally wrong to conclude that I will not fight and kill

    • Jeff Jackson says:

      You have already conceded, the facial recognition cameras really don’t mean squat anyway. I applaud you for taking in your grandma but you should really look at science on this……even the N95 will only stop a 3 micron particle, viruses are 0.03 micron!…our bodies contain some 38,000 germs and there are approx 48 million viruses floating around the earth….never been able to stop the cold or the flu virus, which is a coronavirus, or any of the 148 approx strains of just the common flu, which your grandma is way more susceptible to…makes ZERO sense to wear a diaper ‘out’ since as humans we need O2, not CO2, which is what you breathe in while wearing a diaper…….just use common sense, cell phones have been tracking us for many years

    • Douglas Brown says:

      There is absolutely no pandemic of any kind. It’s all a meticulously planned hoax. Our’s is a state controlled media which spreads lies and controls the narrative.

    • Jim says:

      They are beyond this “facial “ recognition. Look at China they have computer recognition for your body meaning your height, build, gait and strut facial recognition is a fraction of it

    • Bill says:

      I don’t wear a mask because it’s injurious to my health. But don’t take it from me do your own true research, mask do not stop viruses , you need a special type biological/ radiological full face mask with certified canisters to stop it, you are doing more harm and you will at some point become very ill from oxygen brain deformation or bacterial pneumonia infection from breathing your own c02.
      I was an instructor teaching full face respirators working at a nuke plant,and you my friend are waisting your time, this phony COVID is just that, it’s a normal strain of flu which many old people who are in poor health die every year from. You have been duped by our new world order scum bag leaders and they want you dead. You better wake up soon or you will be dead in 2-4 years if you take that phony vaccine the murderers are pushing.

  2. sawman says:

    Gibbs’ Rule 36: If you feel like you are being played, you probably are.” So it goes…

    Here in Wilkes County the county has made clear that there are stricter mask requirements and other requirements put in place by Comrade Cooper, but they have no plans in place yet for enforcement. A small victory perhaps? Not so.

    The tentacles of tyranny reach everywhere. Local businesses large and even small have not only posted masks required to enter, they are trying to self enforce the restriction. The larger stores have employees at each entrance handing you a mask which you must put on to enter as well as another employee with a tablet adding and subtracting the number of people coming in and leaving to make sure they do not exceed the new capacity requirements. If the county and local LEO agencies are not enforcing the regulations why the bother? Note regulations indeed not laws because the legislature passed no law. Comrade Cooper has spoken.

    The businesses do so because state agencies and bureaucracies ( the mini Deep state) are threatening them with legal action, law suits and loss of their business licenses. This is how you are made to obey without the dotgov folks having to locally enforce their regulations. It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear a mask because you will not be allowed to enter a place of business. Many places you can avoid that hassle by ordering online for curbside pick up. A loophole that TPTB will find a way to plug.

    So you won’t wear a mask just wait until the until the vaccine is rolled out and you get issued a vaccine compliant card. You want to shop, fly, travel interstate and so on, not without that card you won’t. They won’t have to make the vaccine mandatory. It will be mandatory if you want to go about your daily life like you used to preplandemic.

    Do masks work? At least the ones used by the public heck no and I realized that when many sites online were advocating them early on. N 95 or better properly fitted without facial hair have some protection, but I have a beard and mustache. The masks made of cloth or the ones handed out at the doorway of the store to allow you to enter are as effective at stopping a virus as a tennis net is at stopping mosquitoes.

    Resist all you want, but advantage goes to TPTB because they do not have to enforce their regulations. All they have to do is threaten to shut down your business if you do not do it for them. Do I wear a mask? Yes when I go into a place of business that requires them which is basically all of them today. I have a guy Fawkes mask and a BFYTW mask and which one I wear depends on the attitude of the business. Do I wear one while I am in my vehicle or not in place that feels that they have to enforce the ridiculous regulation absolutely not. I go in and out as quickly as possible so i can get the mask off.

    You must choose carefully what hill you are willing to die on. Wearing a mask that I know is of no consequence is not that hill for me. The ultimate time for choosing will soon be upon us and it means choosing between the Darkness and the Light. When that time comes there is no third choice.

  3. the Horse says:

    Wes, it sounds like your friend is spot on! Once you give in, you’ll keep giving in. Americans have been conditioned to explain away things. The mask do not work, but their controls are working! As you folks explain away why you wear your masks, may the chains that bind you -- rest lightly!

  4. Bob Smith says:

    I disagree with your friends assesment
    This is a Chinese bio weapon, a rather weak one, but a bio weapon nonetheless.
    The Chinese modified and released this virus, they did not do it for the benefit of mankind.
    Weak or not, it’s a bio weapon, and I don’t want to catch it!

    • healthnut says:

      A mask won’t help you not catch the ‘virus’. What really helps is keeping your immune system healthy, a healthy lifestyle, some supplements, some exercise, healthy food and getting rid of harmful cokes, sugar and junk food.

  5. FarmerMac says:

    True they are using small business to enforce their mandates. Of course it may be to late once small business owners realize they aren’t essential and those that impose said mandates could care less whether their business survives or not. Only Big Boxes Matter. One thing for sure, with all the mandates whether masks, distance or vaccines sooner or later one will either pick the hill they die on or it will be picked for them. This is not about compliance to flatten any curve… its about training the populace to accept their will and a reduction!

  6. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    To be sure an N 95 wont filter out a virus, but it will filter out some of the droplets that carry the virus and can reduce the level of inoculation. For younger people it probably wont make a difference, but for us older folks it might help. There are much bigger fish to fry here!

    • Stan says:

      Dr you obviously do not know what you are talking about. Read the study done by real Surgeons and Physicians that masks do nothing to stop or slow down the virus.

  7. North Woods says:

    Several of the Comments are a joke. They make the writers point. I have yet to place a mask upon my face. No need to. The fact that so many are willing to so easily give up their rights and liberties, shows just how far this nation has fallen. 2 years from now, whatever is left of this country will not be recognizable.

  8. Sal says:

    These comments sadden me. You people really think that masks “aren’t that big of a deal”? But even more surprising, you actually think they are useful or helpful? Earth to the posters here: Masks have nothing to do with health!

  9. Cuando says:

    Keep in mind cops and soldiers will do anything -- anything -- they are told to, up to and including killing you for not doing exactly what you are told. Imagine being killed for not wearing a mask, or being 5’10” away from another person rather than a mandated 6ft+. It can happen and very likely will. Cops / Soldiers are nothing more than state mercenaries poorly hidden behind the thin veil of “oaths”. They have families to feed and it will be them over you when it comes down to it. Until the time you see cops in firefights with each other will you know only then significant change has occurred. Don’t hold your breath for this scenario to occur. You have to TAKE back your country. It won’t be willingly handed back.

  10. jakalope says:

    I feel like I’m in enemy territory with this whole covid thing. I feel like I’m in enemy territory with this whole police-state thing. I feel I’m in enemy territory with this whole obvious voter fraud thing. I feel I’m in enemy territory with this very obvious propaganda push from the mainstream and social media. This is not the country I was born in. Not by a long shot. This ruling caste does not even have the *appearance* of being legitimate anymore.

    Worse, Trump has declared this covid nonsense an emergency 3 consecutive times now. The federals are feeding emergency money to the states to keep this hoax in play. We (the US) would not be playing this lockdown bullshit if Trump were not on board with the deepstate. Also remember, Trump took a large portion of federal budget accounting dark to hide the *massive* theft of trillions of dollars going on at the federal level. Worse still, Trump is playing pure neocon in his foreign policy — this is nothing more than an international crime spree. Trump is *not* our guy …. he’s just the latest sock puppet.

    This covid BS is theater. This whole election thing is theater. Trump is nothing more than a sock puppet disguised as theater. Just remember — it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.

  11. eckbach says:

    You are most certainly a “sheeple” if you think there were any “gas chambers.” (other than delousing machines)


    Now the Evangelicals are drinking the purple Kool-Ade and getting on the Fauci bandwagon. This morning’s edition of the 700 Club had Gordon Robertson and his female Co-host interviewing some “Christian Doctor” and “Author” who says the vaccine will work and the stories on the Internet about stem cells from aborted children are false. Romans 13 Robots. Anathema sit.

  13. MD says:

    Nice to see all the replies…. i don’t believe masks work! but i wear one when i go to costco or other places that make it mandatory….just over my mouth only unless the see me and request i put it over my nose until they leave or look the other way….yes you can say it is compliance, but it is what it is for now…..this is all pointing to the eventual “Mark” that the coming world leader, “Anti-Christ” will cause All to take in order to buy and sell….I don’t plan on being here when this happens but if i am, I WILL NOT TAKE IT! As it comes with eternity in HELL… I am not afraid of Death! this is Not my home anyway. My citizenship is in Heaven!

  14. Violet says:

    If this virus is not hoax at least you saved a life . We see a lot of people say it is hoax then everything show on the news live are crisiis actor training then? We must follow mask just in case if is not hoax and protect each others and does not represent any political movements. Yes it is more expensive if you catch it now after thanks giving holiday and at least 5000 people will die a day soon. Then whose fault is that new lock down around the globe and ghost towns in LAX and other places if is not truth then what is trurh?

  15. Mike says:

    Would you wear the uniform of your enemy to infiltrate their group? The mask isn’t going to kill you. Being singled out before the battle will.

  16. johnaspray says:

    I find the ignorance of the majority very disturbing, I hope they all die from the vaccine.

    • a follower says:

      Hope? That is what you hope? You hope they all die?
      i hope more respond as this. Not many masks in this crowd.

  17. Otis Donkey says:

    Primary transmission of coronaviruses and other cold viruses is the fecal- oral route.

    You’re wearing a mask and avoiding social interactions does nothing except embolden tyrants who want you to view your freedoms as selfish.
    And weaken your immune system as you re-inhale waste products of your own respiration.

  18. Roger Rees says:

    I guess I must be the only guy to know personal friends who have caught this thing and have been in ICU for weeks with it. One friend is my age (55) and it damaged his lungs so badly that he is awaiting a lung transplant. Yes, I also know many many more people who had it and had nothing more than loss of smell and taste. Do I think it’s being used to control the masses? Yes. But you guys who says it’s all a hoax must not know anyone personally who has been screwed up. This is a bioengineered Chinese weapon.

    • Reg says:

      Roger, you say that your friends have caught it. Caught what exactly? The PCR test is ineffective. Remember, the medial establishment is getting paid for diagnoses and treatment. The medical establishment also get paid for administering vaccines. The mainstream media has been caught repeatedly spouting false info.

      What your friends caught could just as easily come from geoengineering aerosols or local seeding of a bioweapon by state agents. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. But the state *is* working to undermine the economy and our personal liberties. And we have solid documentation of experiments the federals and military have done on civilians for over 60 years. They could easily introduce spikes of serious disease breakouts to keep the hysteria going.

    • Andy says:

      No Roger, you’re not. My daughter-in-law’s parents are both in the hospital with the CCP Virus at this moment… one in ICU. They both work in a hospital, and this is probably where they contracted it. Many of us know friends and family who have gotten this thing, who were otherwise healthy, and are no longer with us. Is the CCP virus being used as a tool against us? Of course it is. Is it real? Of course it is. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

      What we have is a failure of most people to think critically… the ones denying the existence of the CCP virus on “our side”, if they really are, and I have some doubts, are no different than those on the other side who are denying that election fraud has happened. They have been gaslighted in the echo chamber of their own creation.

      Most people think in a linear fashion, and are unable to see the truth. The CCP virus is a bioweapon, intentionally released by the same country that has made clear it’s intention to take over the world, and the communists/traitors in our country have profited nicely from them at the expense of our Republic. Judging by the comments on this post, I wonder how many have even considered their own train-of-thought: Masks are face diapers -- they don’t stop any virus -- they are control mechanisms by the state -- therefore the virus is a hoax. The first three are correct, but the fourth is false.

      It’s okay. Most of the CCP virus deniers will survive, and never get sick from this thing. As Dr. Shultz has said, we have much, much bigger problems in any event. Like the loss of our Republic.

      • reg says:

        If you’ve lost people to this engineered, high-transmission flu — you (or their doctors) have not be paying attention to the doctors coming forward with a 100% cure thru hydroxychloroquine, z-pack and other meds.

        Covid may exist, but it apparently has a mortality rate comparible to a bad flu. In that sense, In that sense, covid is a fraud as it is being used to destroy the economy and liberties.

        • Bill says:

          thank you, a person with common sense and wisdom, i am sick of these idiot mask wearers who refuse to search out truth on this matter, these idiots look like serpents

  19. TIME of the Season says:

    This will not be viewed as a retort most wish to hear, none the less it needs to be said.
    I reviewed the comments posted, of what sadly many simply have lost the whole gig in the translation.

    Lets start with; we would NOT be where we are today, if the American people had any balls.
    I see ( Don ) has a 96 year old family member who he is protecting, of what begs the question; what is he protecting this person from,
    There is NO Covid, that’s as direct as one can get.

    He follows this up with -- when the SHTF starts; you can count on him.

    I would say don’t count on him at all, we wouldn’t be in the bloody mess we are today if people had some balls.. That, you can take to the bloody bank.

    Others still floating around in their space odyssey that face mask are worth the effort to argue over,
    ( Again ) There is {{NO Covid.}} End of story.

    Now lets review what’s a ( COWM ) It’s a “Chunk of Waste Matter” Hence anyone who is wearing a face diaper no matter what the excuse / rational, or follows any of these COWM’s that you like to note as your “Representatives” Is the problem, END of STORY.

    These COWM’s are nothing more nor less than last weeks trash and have been since 1860 if not
    lets start with this, there is {NO United States Government,} what you have is a Corporation dba
    “THE UNITED STATES INC.” And they do NOT represent YOU in any way shape or form.
    Again, END of STORY.

    The only thing Trump has done, is expose that YOUR Votes do NOT matter at all.
    And this 20/20 cycle, has proven that beyond any level of resistance to said statement.

    Here in Georgia we have ( 2 ) COWM’s that say they are working for the American people,
    and the people of Georgia, yet have either one voted to repeal ( the NDAA ) ( the Patriot Act )
    Did either one explain to the people of the state of Georgia that they work for a Bankrupt
    Have either one said anything about the Voter Fraud?

    ( The answer is -- NO on all accounts ) So what difference would it make to go vote for them?
    They are both COWM’s, not unlike all the other’s that fill seats in both houses of CONS You get,

    Let alone it seems that they may also have stock in the corporation that makes and sells the digital voting units. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that…. They win anyway the coin flips.

    Folks the whole rotten mess needs to be thrown out, not just a few, nor adding news members to the same COWM’s..

    And sadly due to the fact that the compliant COWM’s that live near you -- lets call them Americans
    as in nearly everyone you know, who are buying the bag of waste matter that’s being sold.
    The GAME is OVER…

    You’re all going to die, the only question remaining is, { ” Will your death be for something, or Nothing?” } You all know I am correct. By the way none of this would even be taking place if the American people had any Balls to start with, they would have removed the clowns in their uniforms, be they the ones who wear a tin star, of a unit Patch or ranking, or a stupid flag on a cheep suit.

    We wouldn’t have the most feckless education system ever created, ( Common Core )
    We wouldn’t be in every war around the world, We wouldn’t be bankrupt, And We wouldn’t be talking about wearing a face diaper nor any vaxing, Let alone for that matter any of the rhetoric most American bitch about daily. But I digress, If you still have working balls, make your choice and do it last week; (the Bitch is about to Bite the Fan,) what side of History are you standing on..

    • a follower says:

      Which side is peace?
      Are there indeed only two sides? if yes, You are wrong.
      Have you ever noticed, There is a fine line between having balls and just being flat out stupid.

      “{ ” Will your death be for something, or Nothing?” } You all know I am correct.”
      Wrong again.

      • a follower says:

        Will your death mean something or nothing? What is more important?
        What did your life mean? How did you live your life?
        Martyrdom on purpose? Is this what many of you are asking for?
        The clowns in Michigan who tried to do what many throughout many threads have hailed and called for? How did that work out?
        Why? Was God with them?

  20. a follower says:

    Trying times indeed.
    On the local, i do not wear the mask. i do carry one just incase (to be decided by me)
    i have received the look, not to worry. i am glad to see the few who are not wearing the mask.
    Have not been asked why i do not comply, (by a stranger.)
    Have not been refused service as of yet.
    i see the “chin diaper” being worn. i see them alone outside or in their cars wearing their mask, i see the masses ,and am saddened by it. i truly care that there are so many (‘seemingly’) lost and following these clowns, blinded by their fears.
    i wear a dust mask and sometimes a paint mask at work. Yesterday we were informed if we leave our work areas to go up front or to customer areas , parts, etc. we need to be masked.
    Guess i will become ‘more invisible, the grey man.
    This is fine.
    i Trust God and will say as much., and explain if they will listen.
    i do believe there is a virus, it is becoming obvious there is something different about this.
    Do i trust man?
    a few random verses from Micha-7
    The kind one has perished from the earth, and there is no one to straight among men. All of them lie in wait for blood, everyone hunts his brother with a net.
    …The Yom (day) of your watchman and your punishment has come, now is their confusion.
    Trust no friend, rely on no companion, guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your bosom.
    As for me, I look to Yahuah, i wait for the Alahim of my deliverance, my Alahim does hear me.

  21. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Regarding scientific studies, so many of them are contaminated by politics, money and bias that a single one can not be believed, the HCQ study showing it wont help is a good example. These days you may need to review dozens of studies to get any idea of the truth. One principle I use is ” if it wont hurt and might help, why not”?

    There is a very unscientific principle floating around that should be avoided on its face ” the absence of proof is proof of absence” ! This is the stupid idea that unless TPTB bless a study, there is no proof of its validity! Therefore as there is no proof of God he must not exist! The absence of truth is simply that, zip zero nothing, meaningless and if you wish do another study! As Mark Twain once stated, regarding the severity of lies, there are lies, dam lies and then statistics; real truth is not easy to find!

    Again there are bigger fish to fry here, the Republic is on life support and many are quibbling about wearing a mask in a possible pandemic, get a grip folks! What are we going to do about a possible Biden presidency, mandatory vaccines, gun confiscation, martial law, a failing economy, The Great Reset and a real pandemic?

    • Andy says:

      Dr. Schultz, most of them are two-dimensional thinkers in a three-dimensional world. The important thing here is that we have [once again] been reminded very loudly of their existence. Just because they preach their circular logic like it’s gospel, does not mean it’s true. Fortunately, the risk they pose to those of us who have lived our lives four standard deviations outside the mean is small. And the beauty of that is that they won’t even know what I just said. Keep the faith.

    • Dr. Lon Schultz says:

      In rereading my comment I see I added the word “not” in the wrong place, it goes between that and a! It should read, Regarding scientific studies, so many of them are contaminated by politics, money and bias, that not a single one can be believed! I hopes this clarifies my statement!

      • Bob says:

        Haha troll I am not…millions have come to terms with the truth about WW2 and predominantly the Holocaust false narrative. I’d say the group most lacking in knowledge is the “good ol boys” in the West..and that’s coming from a southern man. Here’s a doozy headline that got posted today on Unz review..I suggest y’all check it out and get on board with what’s really going on before it’s too late.. Merely questioning this narrative gets you imprisoned in many countries throughout the world as David Irving among others has proven. Stop being ridiculous low brow Westerners and chanting USA USA every chance you get and wake up and smell what’s going on in the rest of the world. Freedom is eroding faster than it can be arranged.

        Germany: Political Dissident Ursula Haverbeck Sent Back to Prison; May Become Oldest Female Inmate In the World

    • bob says:

      Ya, We are on the Titanic and people are worried about what they will serve for Breakfast.

  22. Bob says:

    When are people going to realize and come to grips with the fact that there has been zero verified evidence of homicidal gas chambers used by the Germans in WW2?? So sick and tired of reading the same old shit when it has been studied and proven false by multiple scientists, researchers, historians in official papers, documents and court proceedings… people are spot on with their points about the criminal elite, then they always have to throw in Nazi germany and the false Holocaust. All the research and evidence is out there folks..WW2 most lied about event in history. Godspeed

  23. Rocky Mountain Grasshopper says:

    hmm , so I see many of you commentators are gonna give a “private” small business owner who is on the verge of bankruptcy a bunch of crap because of your feelings on a effing face diaper . then assume the rest of us are pieces of shit …..yeah good plan …I wouldn’t count on you in a bad situation either …holy crap …the phrase ” all brawn , no brains ” comes to mind. Use your brains, If you want to be the asshole trying to make a useless point in a useless situation to people who cant control anything …go head ….your a private citizen, but you will still be… just the asshole .

    The problem is the law makers and police sheriff dept’s. Mask MANDATES are clearly unconstitutional. Start there , politely and legally. If you live in a City …well that’s all on you.

  24. Don says:

    I find this thread of comments interesting. My original comment stated my disagreement with the friend’s conclusion that free citizens who decide to wear a mask will not fight. Rather than focusing on who will fight, commenters focused on the efficacy of wearing masks—and condemned those who hold a different opinion. Why would anyone who claims to believe in personal freedom do the enemy’s work by dividing and condemning people who are willing to fight with them? I’m beginning to understand why the enemy always seems to be more cohesive, more zealous, and more effective.

  25. sawman says:

    We live at the end of a mountain gravel road on 63+/- acres. It is almost a half mile past the locked gate where the gravel road ends and our driveway begins down winding along the creek to our homestead thus the name Road’s End Sanctuary. Our nearest neighbor who runs a small apple orchard is a mile and half back down the road. There are only 4 other houses along the next 3 mile stretch of gravel road and then it turns to asphalt and is more populated along the last 4 miles down out the mountains to a main road. Social distancing here was an everyday occurrence long before the China virus came along. We are kept busy with daily chores and tending to the animals, small orchard, gardens and berry patches we have built up. I check in with the neighbors with the orchard at least once a week as they are in their 70’s and deliver them fresh eggs. If there is a storm I check in with them right after the storm. That is most of our socializing routine other than hosting family and a few friends every other weekend for a small get together as I fire up one of our two smokers and folks can get in some range time, fish in the bass pond or creek, or ride the ATV’s and UTV’s on the many trails up and down the ridges and along the creek.

    Being retired there is no travelling for work except the occasional consulting work, but that I limit to travel less than an hour from home and even that came to a halt after the virus due to the silly rules businesses were being forced to comply to. Beyond that it is mainly supply trips to town for projects or to replace items that were pulled in the last week or so from our deep pantry into the daily use pantry in the kitchen with an occasional trip to the post office to pick up or mail packages. Our RR mail box is two miles from our actual house by the neighbor’s driveway and packages that don’t fit get held at the post office. On those trips in yes I do put on a mask to go into businesses that require them to be worn even though I understand that it is protecting no one and may be potentially harmful to myself accept I doubt it for the few minutes that I am in and out of the business. Why do I wear a mask? Because it is not worth a confrontation with the business owner who is just trying to make a living and is being pressured by government regulations and threat of loss of their business license. It is also not worth a confrontation with a distressed “Karen” who has bought into the hype. And it is definitely not worth a confrontation with local law enforcement who would respond if called but would only ask me to leave the store. That would lead to the explanation that I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon and so on. Local law enforcement is not enforcing any of Comrade Cooper’s edicts but they will show up if called.

    Does all of that help anyone? No absolutely not and I am fully aware of the conditioning that is being implemented. It will only get worse when they roll out the vaccine which I will absolutely not take. If they issue vaccine cards I will just get a vaccine card not the vaccine. Should be easier than an illegal alien getting a social security card. They will not mandate that you get the vaccine but just like they use businesses today to enforce the mask mandate many businesses may be pressured and threatened to use the vaccine card to permit entry. With perhaps more than 50% of Americans lining up willingly and eager to get the vaccine there will be pressure on those like myself and my family who will not comply.


  26. sawman says:

    I do believe that I have seen several reports that include CDC numbers that state that the total number of all deaths in the US for 2020 are in line with the total average numbers for years past. The strange thing is that all the other causes of death like heart disease, cancer and such went down dramatically for the current year while the Covid numbers skyrocket. That is not logical. It would seem that deaths by other causes are being reported as Covid deaths. If there was actually a pandemic then the total number of deaths would indeed skyrocket as the number of deaths by other causes in general remain stable or actually rise each year.

    As to Don’s comment wearing a mask when mandated to enter a business is by no means a gauge as to who will and who will not fight. As to cohesion the left has always held more firmly together as they have made their 70 year march to gain control of our institutions. Republicans have always been a go along to get a long bunch. Conservatives have conserved nothing. The Patriot/Liberty movement has always been like herding cats and eager to argue amongst themselves as is evident from any sit that you visit. So it goes.

  27. Grypho says:

    While Refusing to Wear a Mask (I never do) is an Important “Middle Finger” to the tyrants, cucks, and karens, there Are some “tactical advantages” to wearing one, i.e. Anonymity by ‘blending in’ and this could be used, when (not if) things turn Kinetic. This can be as Simple and Effective as wearing a Mask could allow easy access to a Location where Kinetic Action needs to take place.

    Also, in terms of “Database Corruption”, someone who regularly wears a Mask is now undoubtedly being “Classified” as a lower-level Threat.

    Making the Argument that a Sheeple wearing a Mask has already surrendered to the tyrants is not necessarily True.

  28. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Disregarding the mask issue! It has been often said that, if you don’t have a plan to succede, you really have a plan to fail. That being said, an important part of any successful plan is to have good people working with you. If at all possible develop valuable friends you can depend on, it is very difficult to go it alone!

    Things are very likely to get difficult in the near future. In my 72 years I have never seen it headed down so fast. Living in a big city is not a safe bet for the future, if BLM comes to stay and play, how will you manage? Get out now, if you really can’t, at least get some vacation property in the country. The other option is to befriend a farmer. As the Fed is printing money right and left, lots of inflation is coming. Get a double mortgage and buy some vacation property free and clear with the cash. Get something with water you can grow food on and defend. Then stock up! I realize this can become expensive, but it is like a savings plan, a little a week will add up.

    If Biden or Trump heralds in a new age of peace and prosperity you can always sell it. Remember, real assets like land, gold, ammo and food never loose their real value!

    If you live in the country join or start a neighborhood watch if you don’t have one, or join the volunteer fire department. Get to know your neighbors and trade goods and services with them, be part of the community!

    I moved to the country fifty years ago, I still am not self sufficient or all the way off the grid. It takes time to learn and adapt to the country. If you go solar, remember if the grid fails you will only have electricity during the day, get batteries! One nice thing about solar is you can start out small and cheap. I lit most of my house with a couple of hundred watt panels and three batteries for thirty years, having real lights in a power outage is great! Now days I run lights, freezers and a refrigerator all off solar and a wind generator if the wind ever blows.

    The center did not hold and things are falling apart!
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
    The blood -dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere
    the ceremony of innocence is drowned.
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.
    Part of The Second Coming by Yeats.

  29. chas says:

    NcRenegade, why does my computer complain that the scripts on this page have tried to identify this computer 3 times? Why is my computer complaining that 11 off-site trackers are active on this page?

    What exactly are you? Ignorant good guy or surveillance hack?

    • DRenegade says:

      Your two descriptions show me that your opinion of this site is not too favorable.
      1. Are you logging on with http or https? The security certificate costs me more money but gives users security against fraud that may occur.
      2. The issues or warnings come from the links embedded in our posts, not from any advertising or tracking from this site.
      3. I can assure you 100% that the government is tracking this site and anyone who comes here regardless of how you log on.

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