Occupy Bagram

 The above picture is a cogent reminder that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. While the Occupy Wall Street movement represents the greedy in the country, there are two components of this greed. The first part consists of the people out on the street. They are greedy because they want the American dream without earning it because someone else is not paying their “fair share” to pay for them. They do not have any understanding of respect including the concept that respect, like wealth, must be earned. The soldiers in Afghanistan understand respect as well as other fundamental American principles worth fighting for: freedom, property, honor and national security.

The second part of greed is the people who are advocating and supporting this movement for their own purposes. George Soros, the labor unions, the media and elected officials at all levels. In North Carolina, our own Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall is using footage of her Day of Rebellion speech in Raleigh as a fund raiser.

The usual suspects in Washington supporting this “movement” include Maxine Waters, Bill Clinton and president Obama:

I believe the plan outlined by Van Jones, Francis Fox Piven, Dr. Paul Ehrlich and Stephen Lerner is the endgame of Occupy Wall Street. This simple conclusion is based on logic: they are implementing the plan that they have previously outlined. When this part of greed is so confident and arrogant that they tell us how they will destroy the country, what options are left for Americans who still believe in our founding principles?

David DeGerolamo

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10 Responses to Occupy Bagram

  1. nathan sharkey says:

    You blatantly forgot the most greedy of them all, Wall Street. They have robbed us blind for years and all you want to do is vilify the OWS protestors, made up of a wide variation of individuals. Including those with jobs(maybe more than one), retired and ex military, college students, and any one else that is feed up with way Wall Street uses politicians as the puppets to get everything they want because they have the most money. We are in this terrible economic state because Wall street and the “wars” are sucking up all the money. Stop drinking the rich elite kool-aid and pay attention!!

  2. For someone who has lived in Quetta off and on for 20 years, your arrogance and naivete is overwhelming. Who are you protecting, besides your own butt? Do you believe in Kharzai, the consultant to Chevron oil? Or to you follow the false crusader of “Three Cups of Tea”? Or are you just filling the pockets of Dick Cheney and Halliburton? You should think before you put your life on the line for propaganda. You are not helping the people of the world striving for justice and bring nothing but harm to your country. Get a REAL job and do something to make this world a better place. PUT DOWN YOUR GUNS!!!USE YOUR BRAIN!!!DON’T BE A MONKEY HEAD ON A STICK!

    • How many wavers did good old DICK get from the Viet Nam War? And now he wants everyone else to send their kids? Please…how is his daughter head of Middle EAST AFFAIRS IN THE STATE DEPT.? DID WE HAVE A COUP WHILE EVERYONE WAS BRAIN DEAD DURING BABY BUSH’S TERM? Oh ya, bring it on Texas boy you will go down in history for the biggest cow pie Texas ever made!!!

  3. If you believed in HONOR you would not kill innocent people daily with drones, and land mines. Sorry, I was there during drunken” Charlie Wilson’s War” and saw it all; the Americans hustling in their stinger missles in exchange for “H”. Pretty much the Iran/ Contra Scam all over again..drugs for guns…capitalist always gotta make a buck, that just makes it all sound sooo noble “fighting for freedom”. Please GO HOME!!! GET A LIFE!

    • David says:

      Although Winnie’s points are overshadowed by emotions, some of the points are valid. I support our military but not the war machine that the United States has become. If we wanted to win the war in Afghanistan, we would have burned the poppy fields that were (and still are) funding the Taliban:


      Our children’s blood should only be sacrificed for the national defense of the country AND with honor. I saw no honor in Libya and the “right to protect” policy that has been imposed by the United Nations and Obama. Which theater is next: Syria or Northeastern Africa? We already are sending troops into Africa without any Congressional approval to protect oil company supply disruptions. Where is the media?

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  4. Maya says:

    So the soldiers in this picture aren’t supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement? If so, why aren’t they and how does Occupy Bangram tie in with OWS?

    Just a curious high school student.
    Thank you.

    • David says:

      So now you know why I say our problems have three parts: the government, the church and education.

      • Maya says:

        Clearly our education system is messed up. And it is quite obvious our government has its blotches too.
        However, I am fairly intellectual student and I don’t understand the picture.
        Instead of your nasty reply-which I suspect insulted me- I would have merely preferred an answer. The only way I can learn is if I am taught…

        • David says:

          1. Education is your first step: see the books listed in the “Recommended Reading” tab on top of this page. Read the 5000 Year Leap first.
          2. The point of the soldiers’ picture was that the occupiers do not understand our country and what it takes to have freedom. They are in a foreign nation risking and in some cases sacrificing their lives so that the people of the United States are safe. This also includes allowing people to have a nation ruled by law under the Constitution. This also includes allowing people to voice their opinion under the first amendment like the occupation.
          3. Imagine risking your life working for low pay, in a foreign country where the people do not want you, away from your family and then reading about greedy people wanting a free ride because they deserve it in their minds.

          The point of the picture is that these soldiers are fighting for the country and that the occupiers are fighting against the country. On this day of Thanksgiving, we should understand the sacrifices made for this country and thank God for our bounty.

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