Occupy the National Air and Space Museum in Washinton

A demonstrator lies on the ground at an entrance to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington after police pepper-sprayed a group of protestors trying to get into the museum Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011, as part of Occupy DC activities in Washington


Occupy Wall Street has spread to 1024 cities according to their website. Although most media outlets are not linking the attack on the Air & Space Museum to this movement, the Associated Press has in the excerpt below. Although admission to this museum is free, large numbers of people trying to enter the museum is not allowed? It will be interesting to see how the media will portray the police’s use of pepper spray on these “non-violent” protesters.

David DeGerolamo

Air & Space Museum closed by demonstrators

Washington’s National Air and Space Museum is closed after demonstrators tried to enter the building with signs and at least one person was pepper-sprayed.

Smithsonian spokesman John Gibbons says a group of demonstrators, estimated between 100 and 200 people, arrived at about 3 p.m. Saturday and tried to enter the free museum.

Gibbons says when a security guard tried to stop them, saying they could not enter with the signs, he was apparently held by demonstrators. A second guard used pepper spray on at least one person and the crowd dispersed. One woman was arrested.

A number of groups have been demonstrating in the city in the past week, including members of Stop The Machine and Occupy D.C., a group modeled on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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